Matt Cutts on Two Sites Linked Together

Matt Cutts on Two Sites Linked Together

Today we will have a question all the way from Japan. Kenichi Suzuki, from Tokyo, Japan asked:

Two sites linked together question

Matt Cutts in a webmaster help video answered that it may not affect the site’s performance but should be dependent on some considerations. He mentioned a lot, not as clear though but we will discuss it here.

First ask yourself about the following questions.

1) Why do you have to link two sites?
2) Will linking the sites beneficial to your users?
3) How extensive is interlinking?
4) Do both websites follow the guidelines?

In Matt Cutts answer was stated as, it won’t hurt for a small number of related websites provided the following explanations:

• Website contents can support the contents on the other website. When both websites are relevant to each other, it might be helpful for users because it can further clarify the information in the other website or can widen the scope of the topic of the website.

• However, it will look not natural for many websites linked together. He clarified that you can’t write one topic for many websites. When that happens the probability of having low content sites is high.

• It will depend on the extent of the websites being linked together. Generally, two sites being linked together is reasonable or justifiable.

• Just take extra precaution when linking these websites because it can capture the attention of the algorithm.

As SEO experts, we understand the clients may have one, two, or many websites which are of course related because they are in one business. This is very crucial to understand because link schemes and link networks are “mad juju” to Google. Others may be oblivious enough since linking the websites didn’t harm their website performances. However, other websites have been madly affected by this strategy. An advice, perhaps, also confirmed by Matt Cutts, limit the websites you will be linking together. Also, always boil down to your purpose for linking. Every action should have a motive especially in SEO. When you can’t control the impact to Google, you have to control your actions based on the webmaster guideline.

Additionally, if you are not too sure if this will be safe for your website, considering that it will be beneficial for your users, you can use “no follow tag” simply to direct your users on that “needed” website. It will signal that interlinking of the websites does not intend to manipulate rankings.

Just always remember the logic that too much is not good, if the search engine can see excessive linking to other sites, it only means MANIPULATION of Rankings, therefore in the end expect for a penalty. Remember PENGUIN is present.

Lastly, when you have all justifiable reasons for interlinking sites or even implementing any strategies, it will be fine for Google because when it is beneficial for your users it will be beneficial for search engine. But when you are confused just go back to the guidelines, so you’ll avoid Google’s red flags.

Thoughts? Or have you tried two sites linked together? Share your experience below.

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