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Through submitting your website to Google Places you can make your business found on Google free of charge which is truly helpful for local businesses. Since according to comScore on its June 2012 US Search Engine Rankings reported that about 66.8% is the market share of Google where in you will see that it is truly a big market. And additionally according to Google about 97% of consumers are searching for local businesses online.

More About Google places for businesses:

• Including your site in search listing is free of charge
• Letting you respond for reviews
• Learning insights

And here are the steps:

1. Click the get started button on .

Get started now

2. Then you are going to be prompted to log in to your account and that is why you need to have a Google account in order to log in, so if you don’t have you need to sign-up now.

Places for Business

3. Next you are going to enter your business’s main phone number to see if Google Maps have information about your business. And if there are existing information you can able to edit it. And you can also see there that there is option for bulk upload.

Register Main Phone Number

• Think about the Google account you are using since in the future you will use it as the email that you are going to share with your consumer.

4. If your main phone have no address found , you will going to proceed on adding the right information on the form they have provided.

Google Places Registration


Address -Always make sure that the address you have provided is the one that you have registered for your business or company. It must be located in the area where you wanted to optimize for or just simply put your exact business address.

Phone Number -Your primary phone number should be your local phone number and not a toll free one. You can actually add the toll free number as secondary one.

Google Places Title -Your Google places title must be the actual or real name of your company and don’t add keywords as title for your page, it is simply unethical in order to manipulate rankings. Simply put what’s the legal name of your business.

Description– Simply put your unique value proposition or what’s best describing your business. Since it has a 200 maximum characters limit put the best shot for your business where in here you can now use keywords or phrases, so craft it wisely.

Photos – Include images of your products that best identifies or signifies your business or simply your “storefront”. Maximum photos to upload here is 10 images. Where in you can choose adding photo from the web or simply straight from your computer. Choosing the first photograph is crucial since it is the first one that would appear on your listing and its better if it has a caption on it, therefore you must add caption on images first before uploading. And the benefit of adding caption is simply instilling to the mind of your consumer the name of your product or creating a branding. And actually you can convert your customers’ best reviews or testimonials into images, this one can give big point on your credibility at the same time you can ask your customers or friends images they have taken about your business to be uploaded on your listing it would be awesome also, a great way to complete the 10 images and at same time added points for your credibility.

Adding photos for Google Places


o Adding photo from computer – you cannot use keywords for description but make sure that your file name for your images are appropriate or exactly tells what the image is all about.

o Adding photo from the web –using 3rd party website like Photobucket in adding images can have a great benefit since you can able to add keywords in the descriptions and have them Geo Coded or you can able to set your business location on it where in it’s an additional point for your credibility. And it is great if you maximize the use of 10 images.

Videos – This is also an essential ingredient in taking high rankings in Google places. Here you can upload up to 5 images, you can simply add your youtube videos here, and where in it is also Geo tag. If you haven’t had a video you can use video editing software like animoto or you can use other free video editors. You can simply add a 30 sec video that signifies your product or service.

Adding Videos for Google places

Categories – Do not use keyword stuff for your categories, simply put the categories same on directories that best describe your business. Don’t use location or Geo tags as your categories if Google places is suggesting categories you can use it and if there’s only one category that corresponds with your business you can leave other empty since you can put up to 5 categories.

Additional details – you can specify additional information that you wanted your customers to know more about you. For example you can add discounts, packages or specify other brands you’re selling.

Additional Details for Google Places

5. After filling up the required information just make sure to double check it and click the submit button.

Submit for Google Places

6. Then you are going to proceed on validation process where in you can validate it through postcard for about 2-3 weeks and be sure that you’ve entered the real name of recipent. Then just click the finish button.

Validation process for Google Places

7. Finally you are going to be prompted on the final instruction wherein they are going to send you a letter containing your pin (personal identification number and activation instructions. And you’re listing will not appear until you complete the validation process.

Final Instruction from Google Places

8. Then when you are going on your dashboard you’ll see the section that the listing needs activation and you can see a box there that you need to enter your PIN.

Google Places Dashboard

This is free of charge, so if you don’t have a name on Google places get started now and be found on Google. Although we need to wait for the verification process for about 2 weeks but still it’s worth it since Google places can give an opportunity to make a name on our locality.

This is just the primer of getting found on Google, next time you’ll see what will be done for this local listing and sites that offer also local listing.

If you have questions and wanted help you on your Google listing feel free to contact me or just leave a comment.

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