Google+ Local Update Against Spam

Google plus local spam update

Google will eliminate every possibility that content will be considered as spam. Recently, its algorithm has crawled over Google plus local listings and pages to identify what fits for its guidelines. Sad to say a lot of listings were affected even those who had verified their account. To be kept out of this algorithm in your local listing or if you plan of being seen in the local pages, here are some tips you to make your listing remain in Google places:

Google Plus Local Spam Update

For reviewers: Google does not restrict its algorithm to the listing itself but also the users who will be giving reviews. If your intention is simply to spam Google places by posting irrelevant, and false reviews to generate your own link, Google has its way of scraping it.

rules for reviewers

For Business Owners: Google wants every business owner to be responsible in their listings. It must not mislead or create confusion among searchers.

rules for business owners

For SEOs: Below shows how Google wants reviews to be made. SEO experts and professional can’t do reviews if they haven’t experience using the product or the service. However, SEO can share its content and ask those who have firsthand experience of the product/service. In this algorithm update, SEO will serve as a channel or mediator for those who have used the product and the business owners. Still, it will create truthful and firsthand experience of users.

for seo

For Everyone: This is a responsibility you are not obliged to do so but through helping Google you are also helping yourself eliminating spam in the Google listings.

for everyone

Google tries harder to become a clean search engine. It avoids spams and useless reviews that will not help a potential customer. It aims to provide the best result it can possibly give, that is by strengthening its campaign for no spamming over the internet. To have a quality listing in the Google pages here’s what to follow:

  • Only business owners and representatives are allowed to verify listing
  • Use email account of the business. If possible make it under your domain name.
  • Use legit business names. The same name for physical locations.
  • No Taglines.
  • No phone numbers or URLs.
  • No to manipulation of search results through additional “extraneous keywords”.
  • Specify Store whether or not included in container stores.
  • Use accurate location; no double entries for one location.
  • Use website and phone numbers that will DIRECTLY connect the business to the listing.
  • Use general categories to which the business belongs. You can choose it from the provided list of categories.

Google guidelines are easy and manageable. Some of additional guidelines can be found here.

Why Listing in Google Places is Important?

Google places or Google local is a place where users and local businesses are brought together. When a user is searching for a product with a local name, Google places where come first and thus there is a probability of higher conversion rates.

Consumers tend to search new businesses in the area through Google. In the blog Does Local Visibility Matters, it is explained why you need to be seen in local searches.

Therefore, as there are changes in the algorithm of Google, it only wants to provide the best possible results for users. If you want to be seen in the local searches and tap your nearest potential customer, you have to adhere with its guidelines for quality listings.

And for organic SEO, we all know how valuable the signals coming from local listing and that is why this guidelines are essential in order not to waste our time.

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