Google Plus Redesigned: Effective Reaching Out to Target Market

Google Plus Redesigned

There have already been speculations that Google Plus will shortly follow Facebook and Twitter as a vital social media sites for personal and business level. A great move from Google that has recently gained public awareness is redesigning the interface, activities and functions with Google Plus.

New Google Plus to discover….

• Lay Out – Google Plus used to have one column and narrow banner head. The new Google plus shows one or three column depending on your preferences. And a large banner image.

• Animations– there are lots of animations. It made the site very dynamic.

• Functionalities– you can post images, share links and interact with your circles. You can download the whole photo album without opening each photo. There is also auto back up for pictures you have previously uploaded.

• Hash Tags– I tried the new Google Plus, and I saw that hash tags can be manually done and at some time also automated. Depending on what you have posted the hash tags will generate.

• Responsive– Google plus can be viewed with same interface across many internet enabled devices.

• Hang Out Place– there is a feature called Hangouts On Air allowing you to do live streaming video on your profile and YouTube channel. It will be automatically recorded both in your record and posted to YouTube.

• Free Apps– you can choose variety of apps you can enjoy while being logged in.

There are a lot of things you can do with Google Plus. It is multi-functional and a good place to hang out with friends.

How Google Plus can leverage your website visibility?

• Focus on Visual Content

◦ The new Google Plus is visually competitive. It provides large sizes media to which you can post a business related image such as infographics or advertisements. It is a venue for marketers who know how to play images that will build brand and authority.

• Focus on Sharing Valuable Contents

◦ With automated hash tags, your post can be easily discovered by searchers. Through the new design, it will be easier to navigate through posts and that contents can be arranged categorically.

• Easy Interaction

◦ It still contains a real time chat and posts are shown nicely in the profile. You can add lots of friends in your circles and you can chat with them anytime you want. Because of its dynamic view, the profile of your circles will appear in the right side column for hang-out column.

◦ It also contains easy recommendations button that allows a user to recommend a post easily. It will greatly decrease bounce rates because users will tend to stay in the site.

• Can Boost Author Rank

◦ Author rank gives a significant impact on authorship of the content creator. Through linking it with Google Plus profile the probability of getting higher rank is high.

Google Plus new design is eye catching and dynamic, and have similarities with Facebook and Pinterest. Also, the site seemed to load slower than before. But in general Google plus’ redesigning seemed to gain positive feedback among the consuming public.

What’s your experience? Share it below.

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