#WHYILOVEPLUS: Why Google Plus Must Be In Your Social Media Mix?

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Facebook and Twitter are in steep competition. And as Google Plus emerges, the competition is extended to circles. We used to know that Twitter is next to Facebook in terms of active users. But as the data presented by GlobalWebIndex, Google Plus has passed Twitter. Before getting into statistics, let us first see what Google Plus can offer, so we can justify how it reached the figures. Just like any other social media platforms, Google Plus is designed to be a place for social sharing, communication, hanging out with friends, and a place where you can be informed and get entertained. Google Plus was not a failure in this category. Much more to that, it was even further developed to be a lucrative spot for business strategies.

What Google+ can offer?

Private Sharing– manipulating your posts to be viewable in a specific group of people is one distinct character of Google Plus. You can group your connections into circles under same categories and when your post is not for them, you have the option not to include them in the post.

Video Meetings– if you will be having a meeting with at most 10 people you can use Google Hangouts. You can have a face to face conversation in a click. With Google plus apps you can even do it at your phone.

Administrative Controls– Google plus will allow you to have a private meeting as video meetings can be strictly to a group of people only. Google Plus must be open to all and not restricted to a number of users. However, you can control your posts and share only to concerned parties. This makes Google plus a favorite place to do social networking whether for personal or business use. Perhaps, the data from GloBalWebIndex claiming that Google Plus has passed Twitter is reasonable.

Social Platform Active Usage

Data gathered showed that more and more people are using Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Surprisingly Google Plus hit the 2nd place instead of Twitter. This is because though Twitter was branded as the fastest growing network in terms of “Active Usage” and growth of 40%, there were just 283 million users of it compared to Google Plus’ users of 343 million.

GlobalWebIndex data may trigger some confusion. However, if you would think about it, the question lies with “which has passed which” or was that passing really happened? To understand what comes next to Facebook it must be categorized. First is the number of users and the rate of activity. In both categories Google Plus really comes second. However, confusions were shown when GlobalWebIndex also stated that Twitter has shown a 40% growth of Active Usage. In my understanding the figures indicated only the number of people registered for the account and contributed in the past month but not everybody who had an account will be active on it in a regular basis. Unlike in Google Plus that despite lesser growth, gave a higher number of users, and shown 25% active usage in a monthly basis.

Top 25 Services by Active Users December 2012

Google Plus is trying hard to catch up with Facebook. Through G+ social layer, if it hasn’t passed on Twitter yet, it is expected that it will happen in soonest time possible. It will be a platform useful for both business and consumers level. And while crafting this article I found another interesting scope, wherein in Google+ #WhyIlovePlus is trending. And here it is. Seems that Google+ is truly rapidly growing. whyiloveplus trending The buzz about Google getting ahead of other social media sites was heard since last year. As its engineers are doing well in designing and redesigning its lay-out, it becomes a user and business friendly environment. Google Plus will be a true social sharing network not just because it is a product of Google but because it provides a good place to share images, videos, thoughts and experiences. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter seemed to outshine local social media sites. As you can see active users were mostly shown in these three major social networking sites. Local media sites must be threatened by its growing popularity and invasion among local users. However, it must be expected as the world is really getting smaller.

Even an SEO expert knows how valuable a social media campaign is, so whatever media you will used what is essential is that it can leverage and help your SEO campaign.

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