Google Search Future: 10 Years From Now

Google Future after 10 years

For the past few years, we have seen and experienced how Google elevated itself to reach its goal of providing quality search results. Google may have not foreseen this improvement from that day Larry Page conceptualized of having Google on account. As nobody can tell what exactly the future will be, every speculation may or may not come true.

Google’s own Matt Cutts has his own vision of where Google Search can be in the next ten years. In the video below, he sees Google in a very dynamic and advance perspective. Voice recognition? No more keywords? Synthesized information?

Google Search Future…

On the other hand, as an SEO expert, I also have my own vision of where Google Search may lead to, in a span of 10 years. For me, it is not about Google alone but the surrounding factor that give an impact to the Google’s responses to technological advancement and cultural movement.

Google is responsive to technological advancements. When mobile phones and other gadgets become internet enabled, responsive web design emerged. In such way Google also made its adjustment in terms of indexing the same website and minor differences when the website is accessed through different gadgets.

When users value content more than anything else in the web, Google made way for Penguin and Panda to address the need for a clean internet community. Also, the users clinging to Google Search Results more than to Social Media and other support SEO campaigns made Google become stricter in terms of both onsite and offsite optimization and social media marketing.

From the history of Google, you can tell what is next for it if you know the factors behind every external innovation. One thing is for sure Google will want us to perform difficult tasks to synthesize information to understand a full conversation in less hassle way. With Matt Cutts vision for Google in 10 years time, here’s mine:

• Google will still be the number 1 search engine and will be used more often- as people tend to be reliable with internet. Every action might be based on Google. It will remain the number choice because Google will employ better strategies to scrape spam out of internet.

• Options for Keywords and Voice recognition- perhaps, there will be advancements in terms of voice recognitions. This has been hearsay ever since, but when the device become available, Google will tap it eagerly.

• Searcher will use phones more often- shoppers will have a tendency to go mobile.

• Google will be more localized- Google will expand and go down to localities. SEO campaigns and SEO search results will depend on location and can set from what location will the result comes from. And this give way to in demand local SEO.

• Contents will be better and Authorship will be valued more

• Penguin and Panda Strict, and another algorithm will be employed- it will be employed to scrape videos that don’t add value to the internet.

• XHTML will be utilized by many websites.

• Link Building will be lessened but more relevant.

• Search Results will be more accurate and updated.

• Google will be a place for every business.

On the negative side, expect that the following may rise:

• Anti trust issues- as things go online and connect many people, safety, security and trust can be compromised

• More hacking- For now this already happens and more of it to come in the next ten years.

• Google will find its top competitor- there’s no limit to human brain and another Larry Page may have been born, that 10 years from now, it will replicate Google’s algorithm.

• Spam will still be there but will be minimal.

• Many big and known websites may be penalized and will do some rebranding.

• Government will have a hard time capturing illegal business in the internet as everything seemed legit and professional.

You can think of some absurd ideas but ten years isn’t that long. For me, these are more possible in the future than thinking about flying cars and robots invading humans. It’s exciting to see what’s more for Google search in the future. What would be the other algorithm updates?

What is your prediction? What do you think about Google Search Future? Share your thoughts below.

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