Google’s Tips for Advanced Searches

Advance Search operators

Google is a very efficient search engine. Aside from striving hard to provide quality results, it also give tips how to make use of its advanced searches. Advanced searches are intended to make the SERP show results that are relevant, focused and useful for the searchers. Today, I will be discussing about the Site Operator, and other advanced search operators as well as other types of advanced searching tools provided by Google. Each will be defined and I will teach you how to make use of it.

How To Use the “Site Operator”

The site operator will make your queries restricted to categories of your choice: top level domains, maps, news, directories, images, etc. For example: you are querying for ‘SEO for 2013” from Alseoblog.

site operator query

It allows you to look over the URLs Google has indexed for the website. This is more important if you want to know more about your client’s website. The advanced operator will let you learn the following:

what to learn from search operator

Site operator can function more than that. You can also leave some parts of the address and replace it with asterisks, so long as you follow the pattern.

site with asterisk query

Other Operators

If you are using for other queries. You can use the following:

other search operators

You can see results for queries index having anchor, text, title, URL, of your search query. Largely, Google’s results will show related pages that follow the pattern of your query. It will also show similar URLs.

How to Interpret Shown Number of Results?

Google whether in advanced or regular search query use to show number of results? It used to show…

number results

Take note that there can be 19, 100, 000 results for search query SEO expert. Or when using SEO web consortium protocols, you can only see 996, 000 results.


This implies that a certain topic can be found and can provide substantial information or if there is enough content for such query. When there is none you can probably change your keywords or search phrases. However, search results will be different if you choose search tools like Tools for reading Level.

tool for reading level

At each reading level search results will be different. Google categorized it under basic, intermediate and advanced. There are also other tools for restricting query results:

search filter

If you want to go back to the original results you just need to click “clear”.

Therefore we can say that Google has become responsive depending on the query of the user. If this is the case, it will be easier to find the information or web contents you wanted to read. Using these advanced searches can be beneficial for both users and SEO.

Google can let you narrow down your search options to obtain the best possible result. Google is hoping that it will address the users searches for highly relevant and focus content.

As a SEO Specialist, when it comes to searching for opportunities towards link earning, these search operators can truly help. It is making search more exciting and actually as long as you are enjoying to search or finding for some sources, in your own way you can also create codes that can help you maximize your searching efforts.

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