Why Be Part of Google’s Top Contributors?

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Do you love the search world? This is something that you need to know. Even as an individual giving professional SEO help or advices I truly wanted to be part of a community where you can share you knowledge or expertise.

Being part of Google is one great advantage for anyone who wants to build good identity and be recognized in the community or market where his target audience can be found, and it is likewise an asset which can be used as one proof of reliability in the business in which you are involved. But nevertheless, it is never easy to become one of those authorities who have already been acknowledged in their respective fields – you have to follow their footsteps and go beyond what they have achieved.

Is that possible? Ultimately, yes! With Google’s Top Contributors, there is a good chance of being part of such active forum community that serves as one helpful aid to those who have queries or clarifications regarding different concerns in the web. And involving yourself to the interactive discussion, you will be able to discover the solutions to your problem, or otherwise, you can enlighten other users or site owners with the same business as yours. But interesting of all is the fact that you can become one of the rising stars in the forum site.

However, before discussing the entire process of your quest for authority and fame, here are first the benefits which you can have being a site owner or user with Google’s Top Contributor:

Opportunity of Helping Others in a Simple and Easy Way – sharing what you know about the concern of other users is one good way of extending help. Hence, your thoughts or ideas may be the solution which the other person has long been searching for, and in this case, you also serve as an instrument for innovation. And though aside from this great benefit which is the prime reason why the program exists, you can likewise ask for help from other experts, and who knows, your query might be serving as their basis in further broadening the scope of their service or program.

Gaining Knowledge about Different Products – with the top contributors who continually provide answers to the queries of site masters and the users, it is apparent that gaining knowledge about various fields has become easier and beneficial. Yet, the knowledge acquired from the forum can be practicably used in real life. But note that if you want to be a top contributor, always consider yourself as a provider of answers, and you can have the information that you want by consistently having access to new product releases.

Recognition for the Expertise in a Certain Field – the skills that you have developed throughout the years of practice in a certain field is what would truly make you be recognized for that. And you can make use of your records or resumes to prove that you are worth trusting and that your identity being an expert is not a mere superfluity.

Having Special Access and Events – another great advantage of being part of the Top Contributors is that you will be having special access or connection to other experts who can help you, in one way or another, to achieve your goal. Likewise, you can also be part of the events which may further make you known to other authorities in the web, and that means another opportunity.

How to Join or Become a Top Contributor?

1.) Be involved in the community – if you love products of Google or other things which you are interested to discuss, then it would be better to be involved in the forums and join the conversations with other users. And always remember that the more you post, the more learning you can get.

2.) Learn from Googlers and Top Contributors – asking from or discussing with Googlers and Top Contributors is one way of learning about their posting styles, the way the answer questions, and acquire the knowledge that they have.

3.) Share Your Interest – there is an “interest form” provided to those who are willing to join the program, and after submitting it, just wait for the response of the team.

4.) Become a Rising Star – when you already become part of the Top Contributors, you will then be credited with a Rising Star badge in the forum which will serve as your asset to have someone as a resource from Google.

5.) Enhance Your Skills – the best way of honing your skills is to spend time in the forum reading articles and boosting your product expertise. And best to note that it is advised to focus on the posting style, relevance or quality of answers, and connection to other contributors.

6.) Become a Top Contributor – after four months or more of proving your expertise or competence in a certain field or product, a member of the team will then inform you about your qualification or approval to be part of the contributors. Thus, it is necessary to always provide clear and accurate answers and have the attitude of the ideal Google’s Top Contributor. You can read through the entire process here: Join to become a Top Contributor.

Undeniably, being part of Google’s Top Contributors is never easy as it requires more than just effort, willingness, and kindness in providing the needs of users or other contributors in a certain field. But for certain, if you are persistent to share what you have got, you will be recognized as one best authority which could make others’ lives easier. So give your best shot to prove your competence!

Have you already joined Google’s Top Contributor? Just share your insights or experiences below.

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