Did Google Send Out 700,000 Unnatural Link Warnings?

google on unnatural links messages

How many warnings did Google really send about unnatural links during the initial months this year? Is it true that the quantity was about 700,000 messages just in January and February? This was what Matt Cutts clarified recently as there has already been information spreading in the web about the said claim.

Although it may only be a misinterpretation, but that can already affect how the users or webmasters perceive the problem which the search engine is facing about the spammy links. Thus, I really took time to transcribe and analyze the explanation of Matt regarding the matter.

matt cutts clarification on unnatural links messages

What did Matt say about it?

It was just a misinterpretation of the fact. That is the point that Matt was trying to say by citing that, during their search conference, his co-member in the webspam team had once showed a graph and explained that they have sent out 700,000 messages in January and February, and that is probably the cause from which the misconception came from. He further explained that, perhaps, because they were taking action on link networks at the time, thus, everybody presumed that those messages were all about unnatural links .
That was not true, according to Matt, because the truth is only about 25,000 of the 700,000 messages they sent out were about the said links.

What Does the Misconception Imply?

No webmaster would probably dare to exaggerate something which they already knew, and it is, thus, apparent that the main reason why they have derived at a quantity which does not even reach the half of the real number is they have the wrong view or mindset about the previous updates or warnings about unnatural links. Hence, I believe, it simply implies that:

Unnatural or Paid Links still Remain as an Issue – the solution has already been given in the subsequent updates and there were already sites which got penalized for not following the guidelines, but, however, the problem, though already minimal, is still there and that is probably why such issue has once again been brought up through a webmaster video. This is everybody’s concern to make SEO safe and enhance users’ search experience.

Previous Updates were Not Clear or Specific – there is a need to make the updates more transparent; that’s how simple the implication is if it is really true that the webmasters or users have derived at a wrong conclusion. But it is not just the responsibility of the Google team because although the data come from them, the understanding is still dependent to those who receive and read them. You can always clarify anything on the webmasters forum.

Some Webmasters have the tendency to make exaggerated conclusion about the updates – it seems that when it comes to updates that can affect their site’s status, they already have the phobia which is why they make unrealistic conclusion. No one really knows, but that may be true taking into account how the data were interpreted.

How about the Number of Unnatural Link Warnings, Does it Matter?

It matters a lot in as much as safe search engine optimization and the users’ search experience are concerned. The thousands of warning messages about unnatural links is one proof that the practice of paying links and the like is still prevalent. And if not resolved, it can really be expected that further updates would still come in the future. So better track and eliminate the bad links that your sites have to avoid getting penalized without you being aware of the real cause.

Undeniably, making conclusion based on unverified data is too risky for you might be deceiving both other people and your own self. Thus, it always pays to ensure that every derivation that you have is justifiable by the available evidences present. But nevertheless, it is not the quantity, but the value of the number of your links that matters in SEO!

Did you receive an unnatural link warning message?

tips for reconsideration request

Bonus: Tips when you are taking a move for your Reconsideration Request:

#1. Make sure that you review first all your backlinks; you can download it using the Google Webmaster Tool.

#2. Remove unnatural links as soon as possible.

#3. If you can’t remove the bad links manually, be sure that you have contacted the webmasters to remove the link since they have the control of their websites. And to contact a webmaster you can use the following: ways to contact a webmaster of site from Google.  And be sure that you do a follow up message if they haven’t replied this is important since you can use this information in writing your reconsideration request.

#4. Include in your reconsideration request the message that you have contacted the webmasters, you can add the copy of e-mails that you have sent and you can include the e-mail address that you are using in order to contact the webmaster. It is a way of showing that you have sincerely contacted the webmaster of a site (those site that haven’t replied on your link removal message and haven’t remove your unnatural links).

Here is the full video of Matt Cutts on Unnatural Links Warning Messages:

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