Google’s New Update Makes Webmaster Guidelines More Transparent

Google webmaster guidelines update

google webmaster guidelinesFor clear and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter of the current update, here’s the brief review of what had happened before: Google started sending link warning notice last March and April, and we have featured it here on our previous post link warnings, and then on August 3 we also have featured another article about unnatural link building warning notice with given examples and in which you might have probably seen that one of the specific examples they have provided is related to forum or signature links on forum profiles.

And, congruent thereto, on September 19, 2012, there were posts about the coming of the new and updated webmaster guidelines – one of which was the post of Barry Schwartz, and then another one was posted by Chris Crum.

But finally, after the long wait, the Webmaster Guidelines are now officially updated! This good news for the webmasters began spreading across the web when it was published just last October 2 this year. Here is the tweet of Matt Cutts with a complement of news update on googlewebmastercentral blog posted by Betty Huang & Eric Kuan of Google’s Search Quality Team.

matt recent tweet on guidelines

So let us see the highlights of the update:

Why the Guidelines Exist or are Provided?

Users are the number one priority and must not be deceived. Google always reminds us that the main focus of a website must not for the search engine results, but for users. And that is why the guidelines exist in helping to gain quality search results generation that can properly and intellectually answer every query of a user. It is also one way of helping the webmasters or owners to direct their site in focusing on user by providing valuable content, and by that, they may likewise clearly know what are the dos and don’ts for the safe and efficient optimization. Simply stated, it is primarily designed to remove the “pollutants” in the web. Thus, it’s a grave necessity that a website must be valuable, engaging, and unique to avoid consequences that might arise if otherwise something is done in deviation from the guidelines of the search engine, and of course, to “stand out” over the others.

Why is it Necessary to Follow the Updates?

Helping Google in finding, indexing, and ranking your website. Basically, the huge consequence that you will be facing if you will not going to follow the guidelines will become apparent in the end when you already discovered that your sites are being penalized, or worst, have vanished away from the search results of Google. Therefore, to be safe, you have to be responsible and obedient in following the updated guidelines being emphasized for you to always abide with the quality guidelines.

What Have Been Updated in the Guidelines?

• Rich Snippets Guidelines. One emphasis is, of course, not to use this for deception, abusing, or spamming the web.

Thus, you must not use it for marking up the following:
• Content that is not visible to users
• Misleading content or unrelated one, e.g., Bogus reviews.

• Specific Quality Guidelines with Added Examples. This is actually the main focus of the update so as to make things clearer to the webmasters or website owners. It is now unambiguous through such additional examples.

As stated in the said guidelines, the following are the techniques to avoid:

Techniques to Avoid

And as already emphasized, the core purpose of the updated guidelines is to provide clear examples to what Google had previously published. See the image below.

examples unnatural links

• Engaging in Site Monitoring. This checks whether or not a site was hacked, removes such hacked content when detected, and prevents and fights against spam, or user-generated spam.

Where to Check the Updated Guidelines?

Google webmaster guidelines. If you have not read it yet, you can visit and see the examples here.

As ethical and responsible webmasters or site owners, it is now the right time for us to make the right move by supporting the updated guidelines of Google through the valuable or quality contents that we provide to the general users. Let’s make a sincere vow on this, and become more updated!

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