Google Webmaster Tool Shows Links That Messed Up

Google Webmaster tool shows links that messed up

Previously I shared to you about scraped content having links pointing to my website. And they all have the same content or considered as duplicate contents which in the end can lead in harming website visibility.

What Google Webmaster Tool can Show Through Downloading your Latest Links?

Based on checking the backlinks pointing to a site you can usually find these:

Duplicate Content having links pointing to your website.

copyscape check

It can indexed internal search engine results of your site.

Showing Indexed “category” and “tag” pages which can simply create duplicate content.

Not using canonical tag for URLs showing duplicate content.

Google webmaster tool can show to you that there are some duplicated content pointing to your site but you need to recheck all the backlinks in order to find this kind of links. And this lets you understand and be able to improve your rankings in Google Search.

It can be best in monitoring your site from scrapers but of course you have to create a move since Webmaster tool will not notify you that there are some scraped content having links pointing to your site. You need to check it manually.

What’s more you can do from downloading your links?

Aside from checking if there are scrapers linking to your site, it can also be helpful in finding strategic action that can help in your optimization process. And these are through the following:

download latest links

Quality of links. You can able to find out low value links that is pointing to your site that needs to be eliminated. In this way you can able to clean up your links and assure that only valuable links are connected to your site. What if you are going to find links that cannot be removed? You have to contact the site admin for that for the removal of links; if not you must take note it in preparation for the disavowing of your links. Finding valuable links is also a good point in having a webmaster tool, it’s good to see this kind of links and it can add up to your resources.

Indexing Date (See “First Discovered”). Knowing the date of indexing can help you see what types of links are easily indexed or you will be able to identify some elements why your other links are harder or needs longer period of time to be indexed.

Type of links Indexed. Seeing what kind of links are easily indexed can be helpful in your link building strategies, but actually based on experienced most of the links that are easily indexed are coming from blog sites and social media sites which is implying to us that the more the active the website is the more it is love by search engine.

Volume of Links Indexed Periodically. You will also notice that each month you can see the growth of the number of backlinks pointing to your website. It will allow you to evaluate if that links are of quality and if it gives weight to your website’s performance. It’s not about the volume but how each link contributed to your campaign.

Simply a great tool in measuring your link building success. Depending on your link building effort and other social media campaigns you can greatly gain a spot in Google SERP plus traffic and conversion rates. However, tools will remain tools if your website and SEO you employed will not be analyzed and understood. Googlers won’t do it for you and websites can’t correct misdeeds on its own. There are no better ways than looking for a tool you can depend on, your SEO Expert in the field.
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