Is There a Guarantee of Success In SEO?

SEO Success Guarantee

Why that question or why this kind of post here? Actually there is someone asking me about that question if what SEO can guarantee, therefore I make an analysis based on my experiences and also considering the rules. This is actually intended to give some insights to those who are looking for SEO service or currently engaging in search engine optimization.

First, let us have some SEO statistics:

SEO statistic

And additionally Google is still the leading search engine with 66.7% search market share. Aside from that I also found something interesting, a post from econsultancy stated that 94% of searchers click organic results.

Interesting right? But let us analyze first if is there a guarantee of Success in SEO.

Online campaign and promotion of a brand, product, or company are the current trend among business entities, and these also serve as the potent tool in achieving the organization’s goal. And typically, such ventures aren’t merely in the form of advertisements, but are done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is proven to be an effective way of converting the site’s traffic into leads.

However, there are some who are still skeptic about what good input or output can SEO bring to their company or if it really guarantees the success of the organization. Yes, it can guarantee both the stability and success of any business. How? It all lies in wise decision-making in hiring a reliable, cost-effective, and competitive company that can ensure that your money can bring you back a “hundred folds” of clients and profit.

So, why it’s very important to find the right company? Here are the list of pros and cons if you have chosen the right and the wrong optimizers:

Pros of the RIGHT SEO company:

• You can avoid wasting time and money;
• You can ensure that your reliability or identity is maintained or safeguarded by the right people;
• You can expect high traffic and visibility of your site among the online users;
• Your online campaign or promotion will become more effective in converting the prospects into leads;
• You can develop good relationship with your existing clients for their queries or needs are answered or met immediately.

Cons of the WRONG SEO Company:

• Your site and reputation will be at great risk;
• The output will not worth your expense;
• There’s no assurance of having high traffic and visibility;
• You might lose clients because of your ineffective online promotion;
• You cannot reach your goal.

That’s why you really have to think of the right options to take and the right decision to make because it’s your entire business and identity that are at risk. The Google Webmasters Tool Help section actually keeps on reminding the clients about this. Here’s what it is written in there:

SEO defined by GWT Help

The crucial question to ask, therefore, is “How to know that an SEO agency is the right one for your business?” Basically, based on the said webmasters tool, the following are the things and services which the company should possess and provide to the clients:

• Reviews the Site First
Checking the overall structure of your website especially your content can be helpful in knowing if there are problems that need to be considered in your “on-the-page optimization”. (link to be inserted: By considering this, you will likewise be able to know what factors are factors are affecting your site’s status or ranking to enhance the users’ experience.

In this case, it is also necessary to take into account the Content, HTML and the architecture of the site. Through this, the things which need to be developed or changed may also be discovered. Thus, you can then be given technical advice on how to improve your site like if, for instance, they have seen that you have many 404s, they can advise you to make some redirects.

• Gives Advice About your Content Creation
Your content reflects the identity or reliability of your site among the users, the reason why the advice can be of great help to make your contents attractive and helpful for your clients and the search engine.

• Knowledgeable with the Right Keywords
Through keyword research, they can suggest you the right keywords to use that can be helpful in finding your pages, or sometimes, in your content development. See this message from Google’s webmaster guidelines:

keyword guideline

• Expert in Reaching Your Target Market (either global or local market)
Your main concern, probably, is on how to reach your target market to be able to promote your product efficiently, and that’s should be what the SEO agency should be considered in optimizing your site not just in the global market, but most especially, in the local market where most of your clients may belong, and in which case, it is necessary to use local citation.

• Explains why SEO is essential, or is Needed by Your Site
It’s essential to know why you really need an optimization service so you’ll not just hire one for nothing or if your business doesn’t really need it. Thus, you have to ask good and relevant questions about the importance of such for the accomplishment of your company’s goal.

• Knows or Well-Experienced About Different Online Campaigns
Broad knowledge and wide experience are really needed for the optimization of the site. Why? Because a site optimizer will be able to know what strategy or technique to apply whenever the algorithm pr the demand of the market changes.

• Focuses on and Achieves the Goal of Your Business through Effective Promotions
It’s your goal that might have motivated you to hire the service of the SEO agency; thus, this should be the guide of your optimizers in lifting your site up and making it stands out in the web. And one way for them to do that is to have effective promotions that can give you good results.

When is the Best Time to Hire a Good SEO Agency?

It is when you’re planning to redesign your site, or launch a new site to ensure that you are on the right track of having an optimum visibility among the users.

What Else You Need to Consider in Finding or Hiring SEO Service:

• Knowledge
• Experience
• Skills
• Reliable (Follows Webmaster Guidelines for the Safety of Your Site)

You can determine whether or not a company possesses such qualities by seeing their features or examples, or by asking their former clients. It’s also better to ask about the techniques that they’re using, and then counter-check them to the Google webmaster guidelines.

Warning from the Webmaster Tools Help:

No one can guarantee 1 ranking in Google

No SEO agency can really guarantee #1 ranking on Google, but for certain, there’s always a guarantee that you will naturally have higher rank if your SEO expert follows the guidelines and rules to make your site safe and efficient. Meanwhile, another important thing in using SEO is you have to make sure that you’ll be able to apply up-to-date and effective strategies so the traffic you’ve gained will be converted into leads.

Yet, in modern SEO, you also need to focus on the value of your content not just because that’s what the search engine requires, but also to give what the users are looking forward to in searching the relevant and informative items in the web.

User Experience

What Can SEO Guarantee for Your Business’ Success?

Here’s our list of benefits which we believe the right agency can guarantee:

• Visibility in the Search Engines (continuous or gradual improvement);

• Improved On-site optimization especially in content development and overall site’s structure while giving technical support for the website;

• Up-to-date strategies based on the webmaster guidelines for the safe optimization and efficient online campaign of your business;

• Valuable contents and Ideal Users’ Experience;

• Excellent positioning of your website that can compete with the other sites;

• Innovation or development in your off-site optimization;

• Lead Conversion that will end up to good profit.

It’s really your wise decision in having the right SEO company that can guarantee your site’s productivity. So consider hiring one which can optimize not just your traffic and ranking, but also your business’ profit and good reputation. At the same always keep in mind that SEO is evolving therefore must always keep you updated to constant communication.

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