Searching for Prospects Made Easy with Guest Blogging Query Generator

searching made easy with guest blogging query generator

As link building focused on getting quality links on quality sites, it is now important to use strategies that will not just leave your link for click and crawls, but will also build exposure of the site, relationship and authority. This is what Guest Blogging can do to your website.

But before you reach out for Guest posting site you must set some filters for qualifying the website. You must always consider the relevance and quality of the site that show indication of integrity, social media activity, signs of a blogger or editorial staff, good linking protocols, well managed site structure and a site that can be helpful for user’s perspective.

Finding for Guest Blogging Opportunities?

It can be easy. Naturally, it is hard to find a prospect for guest blogging. In the article 13 Questions Plus 7 Ways for Guest Posting , you are given idea how to locate your reach for guest posts. When you think you can’t track down your sources using it, then you must use the Guest Blogging Query Generator from

guest blogging query generator

This is an easy to use tool. Add to that it’s free for everybody. You can find guest posting sites for multiple keywords in an instant. Just to inform you though, it will not generate the exact site available for guest posts; it will show how to find that guest posting sites. You just need to enter your keywords and Links and Footprints will be generated. Links as seen like this,

links from guest post query generator

will show the exact Google location or keyword source code if you would prefer it will be shown through Footprints, just like below.

Footprints Guest Post Query Generator

Just to avoid confusion I would like to emphasize that it will show the same results whether you choose the Links or Footprints. It will direct you to search engine results page (SERP) that will show websites that are available for guest posting. The advantage of using this tool is that it will cater many options or key phrases that you can track so that you won’t go over again for same results. You can download the CSV file( comma-separated values) of the tabular data of the information generated from the query. For foot prints it is easy because it is already linked to its exact location in Google.

The efficiency of this tool makes you consolidate all possible means of getting a guest post site.

Additional Trick:

Other way of getting prospects is searching using the byline of another guest poster whose guest posts have been posted in some websites in Google. For example:

A Guest Post by Al Gomez who is a SEO Consultant from the Philippines and the Founder of Dlinkers SEO.

Authors will have the tendency to use same bylines in their guest posts. You can use this phrase in searching for Google and you will see list of guest posting sites he has been to. Make sure that you get the byline from a relevant guest post site.

Guest posting sites are available all over the internet. You just need to look for the most appropriate one using different tools also available in the World Wide Web. With this strategy you have to communicate with your prospect that’s how you can build relationships. However, you must not forget that only worthy articles are posted by website owners. So make an article that is worthy posting in someone else’s website.

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