Guest Blogging Tips to Avoid Penguin Hits

Guest Blogging tips to avoid penguin

The buzz about guest blogging is anywhere in the sphere of internet marketing. Some would even consider it as a powerful tactic in SEO. Yet, with the Penguin 2.0, views on guest blogging might be changed.

Guest blogging is indeed a powerful tool yet misuse of it can give adverse effects. There are no better ways of optimization, only when you put your users in front of every strategy you make. Guest blogging should not be perceived as tactic link acquisitions. It is not about links, it is more of readership values. In such case where it generated a link, it is just a byproduct of proper guest blogging.

Penguin 2.0 is about to come, there has been speculations of how it will hit the SERP. When nothing has yet in steady state, we can consider revising some strategies that we think will be susceptible to the jolts brought by the algorithm update. Start it with your wrong guest blogging perception. To reiterate, it is not designed for link building but for building relationships.

In a post published by Neil Patel in QuickSprout (he had enumerated 5 guest blogging principle to avoid Penguin hits).

• Social signals
• Author rank
• Devaluing links
• Devaluing sites
• Co-citations

If you would summarize it, he emphasized that you have to create a valuable content, post it on quality sites, don’t prioritize links and push it on the social media networks to gain social signals. If you know it’s a great post, you will be confident in sharing it. Don’t expect a back link, just expect a retweet or a comment on it.

Mr Patel’s idea of changes in guest blogging is possible. But it will just remain a speculation. What is important is how you will create a guest blog that will avoid the coming penguin hits and even the future ones.

In line with this, I have also some points to ponder in terms of guest blogging strategy:

• Purposive vs Objective

◦ Guest blogging should be done purposely for the user’s welfare and not objectively for link acquisition. Matt Cutts even enumerated the names Lisa Barone, Danny Sullivan, and Vanessa Fox whom he bragged doing guest blogs not for links but to get a message out to a volume of audience.

• QUALITY Contents

◦ Anywhere in the web you have to think about quality more than quantity. Panda is already a part of Google Algorithm, so when contents don’t pass for Panda, eventually it will not pass for Penguin. Spun, duplicate, plagiarized and auto generated contents can’t crowd the web because Panda and Penguin will work together to scrape it out. As you can see, this is the foundation of everything. When things are blown down, you can get back because quality contents will never lose its spot in SERP.

◦ Write with your expertise, write something that match with what the website is all about (relevance), make it creative, engaging and interesting. Quality is very subjective but when you know what you are writing about and who it is for, quality will simply come in to place.

• Where to post?

◦ Try using 7 Ways for Guest Posting  and Guest Blogging Query Generators . All of the tools mentioned in both posts can generate websites allowing guest post writers. Before you send an email for inquiry, explore their website and consider the following metrics for a quality site:

▪ Page Rank
▪ Domain Authority
▪ Page Authority
▪ More of Content and Less Ads
▪ Site relevance
▪ Contact Information Available

◦ With Penguin update on the rise, you must be careful which site you will do guest post with because when Google finds that the website is spammy, or it accept articles at anyway, your content in the site, much to that if you have links to that site, will also be considered a spam. So, always take extra precaution at your end.

• Online and Social Sharing

◦ You must be confident of your post because if you’re not, expect that users will not read it. But if you are, share it via social networking sites. You have to let them know about your post, it’s not about getting links but making them aware of what you have written about. If it’s good enough, it can even gain natural traffic through referrals, retweets, pluses and thumbs up.

◦ Social Signals are important to search engine as what Mr Patel above has mentioned. So, initiate sharing and sending of signals to your fans, followers, and likers.

• Follow Up

◦ After getting the points for one guest blog, one shouldn’t stop. Continue writing and sharing your quality article. It will boost your Author Rank. Also, follow up on your social media profile. Think about your user’s view about it, level of engagement, as well as feedback. Don’t throw bullets on dark woods. Trace and see where your guest blogging takes you.

These are basic principles of right guest blogging or can be also called as guest blogging tips. It doesn’t tackle about creating quality contents; it is a separate stuff to do. These are actions and if you would notice, it started from the conception of the idea and the strategy to spread it all over the web. For me, the basic foundation is the right way for stable guest blogging practice. Google is not against it, so is Penguin. You just have to make it the right way.

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