When Getting Devalued with Guest Posting

When Getting Devalued with Guest Posting

Not Good For GuestpostingLast week, we have been doing guest posting and one thing that we experience is that we have been accepted in one of the guest blogging site but there is something wrong. This site is actually updated and has post using 600 words, page rank of 3 and has a domain authority of 31 but one thing I’ve noticed in the body of our article he has put a total of 7 links pointing to his homepage and to the inner pages. And that’s why it’s like a lesson learned, since on their previous posts they have just put about 2 links on their post and we haven’t expected that they are doing something like that on a GUEST POST.

The Screenshot. This is what happens to our guest post.

guest post article

Showing focus on the anchor text and not on the article which is truly irritating since it’s unfair where in on its other post he just posted about 2 links per post but in our article he posted about 7 links. And this only shows that sometimes experience can be a big help to learn and become wiser.

So, how many links are too many?

My own point of view. It’s too many for me, since if the article is for human needs they wouldn’t mind the links unless it would be helpful to them and clicking about 7 is too annoying. For them it can be destructive when you are going to add about 7 links and the bad thing is that, this one can be considered as a spamming technique. And it’s just like

In this article I also wanted to share what I’ve gathered across the web.

According to Susan Gunelius in her article on about.com guide: How Many Links Are Too Many Links for SEO?, she is suggesting that in every 125 word there should be just a single link. So if this is the case, since we have submitted about 650 articles, it should have a maximum of 5 links.

Google’s Point. According to Google guidelines they have just said that links must be kept according to as reasonable number.So, it should be reasonable but on our case it is like we lose the value of a guest post. Since on the first place on the start of the article the admin added about 7 links pointing to his own blogging site and website.

So, the end point is that this shows that the article is posted just for the value of SEO and we haven’t achieve the value of guest posting. Beware of this kind of sites. Even though we have shared a valuable article but still in the end we have not gain a good quality guest post.

Always remember that there are factors that can make a website be banned or get penalized by Google.

Linking to bad neighborhood. Linking to a website that have penalized or blacklisted due to spamming can greatly affect your status and end same with that site. Simply to check if site is a bad neighborhood just have this search query : Site: URL. If there is no result simply that would mean that the site is penalized since it is not indexed by Google. For link Schemes this one can be an ideal reading for you : What is a link scheme? .

Involve in Keyword Stuffing. In an attempt to manipulate the rankings they have able to prioritize the use of repetitive keywords or anchor text to deceive the search engine.

Hidden Content or Cloaking. This is all about presenting a different content to search engines and to human beings which can lead to trickery.

Duplicate content. This is one factor that can ideally get your website to be penalized or banned. And that’s why dealing with content you have to deal it with your own ideas or just like me I write content through my experiences. Since the logic is that no one with ever wanted to read the same content over the internet, they wanted fresher or an updated post.

Adding Unrelated Keywords for your Content. This one can be tricky to search engines but still the logic is that it’s not useful for your users and it’s contribute to unstructured content which is unpleasing to read.

Malware distribution. If there is truly something not good about a site would be this one since it involves harming others or users or distributing malicious software.

Too many links. Having too many links that are unreasonable in the first place and deemed to just having promotional value or just for the eyes for search engines.

To know more about the quality guidlines of Google , simply read the Webmaster Guidelines. Remember that this matters because our purpose for having a website is to share information and offer the needs of the users, viewers or our future prospects and not just to be visible in the eyes of search engines.

Finally, the Move. Since for me its devaluing the essence of Guest posting, therefore I suggested that some of the links must be remove. In a friendly manner, we emailed the admin and ask permission if he can remove the links repeatedly pointing to the same URL and explain to him if that would not be remove it cannot only affect our site but his own site.

A Posted Guest Post is not enough. Always track your guest posting sites, it is not enough you left it posted, you must have to double check your post just like what happened instead your gaining, in the end or in near future it could be the reason of your downfall.

Have you experience the same thing  while guest posting? Share it below.

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