13 Questions Plus 7 Ways for Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Have you started guest posting yet? If not, this can be an essential resource for you but if you have started already, you can still use some insights below on how to find for more guest posting sites.

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Guest post is the process wherein a blogger or a writer share one of his/her exclusive content to the others blog, it’s a way of reaching out valuable content to other blogger’s audience. You will simply notice that  bloggers aren’t only posting, there are also designers guest post to share their ideas and creativity and meet new audience. Every blogger knows the importance of blogging, but if you are just starting out you need first to answer the question below in order to know if you’re going to render a guest post or not.

13 Questions to Answer to Know if You’re Luckily Going to Guest Post:

• Is writing one of your interests?
• Do you write value-added content and not just a rewritten one?
• Do you have a blog?
• Do you have specific goals on why to guest post?
• Do you need to be strategically friendly to search engine?
• Do you want to gain new relationship and community?
• Do you want to establish authority?
• Are you wanting for quality links?
• Are you aiming to gain social networking advantage of other blogs?
• Do you want to make your brand known?
• Do you want to reach new audience?
• Do you want to increase your traffic?
• Do you want to increase you sales?

If it is a YES, you’re lucky enough to proceed to the next level of guest posting and that is the site questing. It’s the process of looking for other blogs that offer their blogs as avenues for your valuable piece.

Your next move will be where I could start guest posting or how I can I search for a guest posting site? Since if you have a will for guest posting there are always ways. As I’ve already started guest posting, I will share to you how to find valuable sites.

7 Ways to Solve Guest Post Site Quest

• Finding through Search Queries

Learn the power of using codes for searching. You can use the search codes or like terms: “inurl: guest-posts”

 guest post (keyword) the following guest post
About the author guest blogging spot
Write for us become a guest blogger
Blog for us want to write for
guest blog for us contribute
guest blogger submit news
guest contributor suggests a post
submit guest post become an author
wanted guest bloggers become a guest contributor
become a contributor become a guest author
contribute to our site guest post by
become a guest writer this is a guest article
this guest post is written we accept guest posts
this guest post is from we accept guest blog
now accepting guest post inurl:guest-post + (keyword)

…And many more just do some experiment and you’ll going to find much more relevant results.

• Setting up Google Alerts

Signing up on Google Alerts is an excellent way for a newbie in guest posting. If you are into SEO field, then you need to set up a Google Alert for the keyword SEO guest post. Every day, you will get an email with a list of sites that has the keywords you have entered. Besides this advantage, Google Alerts also gives you the opportunity to see what your competitor’s strategies are.

Go to (http://www.google.com/alerts)

google alerts step 1

After you have entered your keyword, select “type”

google alerts step 2

Currently there are 6 options. You can opt for everything, in order that it will send all the relevant results on your Gmail.

Select how often you want Google to send you update

google alerts step 3

• Twitter Search

twitter search for guest post

Simply search for the latest blog post of your niche using Twitter. You can use the search codes or like terms or simply use the search keywords above.
Examples search queries:
“blog (keyword)”
“post (keyword)”
“guest post (keyword)”

• Through Blog Directories

blog directories

Looking up into blog directories will also help you to look for guest posting opportunities. Some of the well-known blog directories are as follows:

• AllTop (http://alltop.com/)
• Technorati (http://technorati.com/blogs/directory/)
• BlogCatalog (http://www.blogcatalog.com/)

• Through Guest bloggers community

myblogguest and blogger link up

One of the best example would be myblogguest.com where in with a free sign up you can gain information on who are offering guest posting sites, for example you can post it on their forums that you are looking for a guest posting site, just make sure that you have already prepared your article. Actually with their paid service you can automatically send it directly to your chosen blog. Or you can also use bloggerlinkup.com , it’s also a free service, send directly straight on your emails.

• Link Prospector

Just go to linkprospector.citationlabs.com , try it first for free and you’ll see thousands of guest posting sites. With just 1 credit after 10 minutes I immediately receive the results and use it for my guest posting tracker sites.

After registering, start to create a campaign.

linkprospector step 1

Start Finding Prospects.

linkprospector step 2

Choose the type of prospecting and input your report name.

linkprospector step 3

Filter results through scroll down options then enter search phrases or your keywords.

linkprospector step 4

This means that your prospecting is in queue, so just wait after 10 minutes.

linkprospector step 5

Your campaign is now ready just click the name of the campaign.

linkprospector step 6

So, as you can see, there are about 2896 prospects.

linkprospector step 7

It’s now time to filter and screen for valuable guest posting sites.

linkprospector step 8

• Just simply Look up with Your Competitor’s Guest Post or do Reverse Engineering

Through checking competitor backlinks you will know where you’re competitors are sharing their articles it can be also a good source. Thanks for the tools like opensiteexplorer or majesticseo you will know where they are posting, just make sure that it’s also a relevant and valuable site, considering its page rank, topics being tackled, domain authority, page authority and the ratio of ads than content.

Reverse Engineer for guest posting sites

It is essential that you know what your goals are before starting to guest post and making a plan for your content. Remember your time, knowledge and effort are your main investment here so it must not be wasted. Aiming for quality content is always essential and when it comes to contacting the bloggers just be real and cite example of your works for example in my case I use this blog as an example of my write ups.

And remember if you have failed on your first try of submission, just never give up learn from your mistake and improved your editorials. What if one of your articles have been posted? Still never stop writing and posting, remember there are lots of venues for great content.

Be inspire always by your SMART goals and always remember that guest posting is not just for the sake of earning traffic or money it’s also creating awareness to others so it is important to make our writings worthy enough, free of spelling or grammar errors.

Be not just a guest poster but an authority or writer that will inspire new audience that can make them educated, laugh, sympathize and many more.

Al Gomez

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