How Google Helps Webmasters?

Google Webmaster Academy

Google knew that ranking in the search engine can be pretty hard. With all the stiff guidelines and constant algorithm refreshes it will take more sweat before you can get to Rank 1 for your website. For many years Google have set up guidelines for fair usage of the search engine. The webmasters guidelines, as we all know, feature what it takes to be in Google. In addition to that, there are also webmasters tools that are available to make every website owners stick to the search engine guidelines. Considerably, it will create a fair competition among website owners.

In every sense Google is fair. Just like any other competition there is a training ground where you can harness effective strategies before you compete for online presence. Google provides Webmaster Academy wherein the Beginners, Experienced and Businesses are taught and provided how to use the Tools provided by Google itself.

There have been misconceptions that only experienced webmaster’s websites will get to top ranks. Typically, it doesn’t matter when you are just following the Google guidelines. Being in the industry for a long period does not guarantee success all the time. Remember, that when Panda was used by Google plenty of websites were affected. It disregarded the status of the webmaster; instead it focused on the status of the website.

When you are a web owner and new to SEO you have to inspect the guidelines of every search engine where you want to rank at. Do not be misled by what you already knew, remember that SEO competition is far different from creating a market share in the real community. Google will teach you how you can cope with the demand of the competition.

The Webmaster Academy of Google provides all the details you’ll need as you go own with your SEO/Social Media Optimization. It will give you a fresh start learning the basic of website creation and inspecting site structure. It will teach you how optimization should be done properly to avoid penalties and punishments. More so, it will teach you how to protect interests and encourage you to do ethical practices. Google does not tolerate deception and poor quality. As it focused in user experience, web owners who build artificial rankings out of spamming or black hat SEO will be invisible in soonest possible time. This is because Google is open only for clean competition.

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Furthermore, Google Webmaster Academy will not let you hanging in competition. When you have detour your SEO path and wanted to get back in the track, it will allow you for reconsideration. Google is also humanly automated and thus it allows second chances.

Lastly, the academy will make you realize the (1) quality of website that ranks in search engine and (2) right SEO practices that will make you gain the top spot. Gaining top spot in Google may just be defined in these two phrases but definitely it will take you more than that. The Webmaster Academy will help you learn and experience true Google competition.

Have you started tracking your progress in the academy? Share your experiences below.

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