How to Prevent Spam in WebMail?

Some things don’t simply change at all. Spamming is always present wherever we go. Even your WebMail can be at risk. You can’t control these spams neither you can ask them to stop crowding your in-boxes. We can say that email marketing can be productive yet when the intention is to spam, it has to be avoided. WebMails are used for personal and business purposes, when it is full of unsolicited commercial emails; it can be hard to manage the mails and can be very irritating. Have you experienced being flooded by these emails?

flooded with webspam

On the other hand, you can’t simply click all messages and then delete all because some important messages might be deleted as well. Good thing WebMails allow you to increase and decrease junk email protection. First, identify if the message is spam or not. How?

• Look at the specific text in the header

◦ Most spam messages are used for selling a product. Therefore, you can see some promotional eerie in its header.

• Increase the spam protection of your WebMail. All emails that are spam will be directed to the designated folder.

◦ WebMails have different ways, specs, and level of protection. For example SquirrelMail system prevents spam, through their “spam-scoring” system called SpamAssassin.

Ways to Prevent Spam in WebMail

Log in to your WebMail account.

Look for the folders link. It will allow you to create a new folder where spam messages will be directed.

create new folders

Create the folder for spam. You can name it in any way you want so long as you know it is a folder for spam messages.

Choose options to assign message filters.

assign message filters

Manage your spam catcher to get only the spam messages. Remember that spam catcher can mistakenly mark a legitimate message as spam, so you must be specific in what messages can be spam and how to label it. You can choose unread messages only so that only incoming messages will be filtered.

After doing so you can now see where your junk emails go to and how it will look like.

You can clean your WebMail easily because you don’t have to open emails one by one to see if it is spam or not.

WebMails have mail quota so you have to clean it. You can’t afford to let legitimate emails bounce back because there is no place in your message box.

WebMails are providing ways to avoid spam in one’s email. In a Gmail account, you can see Spam folder on the right side. You can report a message and it will go directly to your spam folder. When the next message coming form the same source arrives, it will go to that spam older. On the other hand, if you are using other WebMails such as squirrel, some plugins and filter spams are available. For squirrel users you can get that here.

SquirrelMail Plug-in for Filters and Spam:

  • Amavis-New + SQL + SpamAssassin + Quarantine
  • Avelsieve – Sieve Filters
  • BayesSpam – Intelligent Spam Filter
  • Block Sender
  • Restrict Senders
  • Server Side Filter
  • Spam Buttons
  • SpamAssassin Configuration
  • spamassassin SpamFilter (Frontend) version 2
  • SpamAssassin+SQL
  • Spamrule (simple, flexible mail filter config)
  • TMDA Tools

WebMail is a useful web application that allows access, send, receive and manage email accounts on different browsers. Wherever you go, and wherever you are, as long as there is internet connection, you can get connected through WebMail.

Even Alseoblog is using Webmail plug-in to prevent spam messages. It is way of making your e-mail account clean at the same time staying away from stressful reading of WebMail spam.

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