Why Verify HTML Meta Tags in Webmaster Tools?

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Can the language or codes that you are using in describing your site or its contents be read by Google? You may not know it, but the information that you include in the meta tags are perhaps not understandable to the search engine. And because of this possibility which may cause undesirable outcome for your site’s productivity, there is really a need to verify them and your ownership in the webmaster tools to make sure that your tags are all readable and that your site is not an “alien” in the web.

And as you know it, there are about five easy steps to follow in verification of ownership in Google Webmaster Tools. Thus, in relation to this, Google’s Maile Ohye in a video explained how to verify a site with the said tool by the use of HTML Meta Tag method. These are the important points she had emphasized:

Verification in Webmaster tools is beneficial for the Site owner and Google – Maile said that by doing so, it can provide the webmaster and the search engine a secure channel for sending and receiving information.

Specifying HTML tag is Just One Way to Verify Ownership – she was just like trying to explain that there are other ways which can be effectively used in verifying the said matter, and that is something which can be reserved or resorted to when this one appears to be ineffective.

Being Familiar with HTML Code is an Advantage – familiarization of the head, title, body tags, and where and how to edit such contents is an advantage according to Maile, though she was not able to cite in what aspect it is. But apparently, knowledge about those things are really needed so you can properly make your code specific or accurate. Nevertheless, she added that if you are using management system for content, it is advisable to follow the instructions from your provider.

Try another Verification if the Tags Look Meaningless – apparently, meaningless tags are those which are strange or not commonly used, and if you have got one, then as Maile suggested, you should try another verification method.

Meanwhile, if you want to verify your site by adding a meta tag, here are the simple steps that you have to follow: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35659

You can read more about the meta tags here: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=79812 .

However, if the tag cannot be found by the tools, you have to wait for the information about the error encountered in the process to be sent by the Google team. But if the problem has already been resolved, you should verify the site once again, and yet, you should never delete the tag from the page because that would cause your site to become unverified.

Definitely, it is really necessary to verify your ownership with the meta tags not only to ensure that nothing causes a problem to your site’s identity or its contents, but also to have something which can connect your site to the search engine and avoid the possibility of being lost in the search results.

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