Google’s Matt Cutts Awarded with Patents for Invisible Text and Hidden Links Detecting System

patent for invisible text and hidden links

Invented by Matt Cutts and Fritz Schneider, a patent on system detecting Invisible Text and Hidden Links was granted 3 years after it was filed on August 25, 2009. Google is raising its fists against unethical SEO practices. From their webmaster guidelines, there are a lot of specifications how a site can be considered clean and pass through quality check of the search engine. However, more and more SEO practices are trying to evade these guidelines to trick Google in a nasty but easier way.

Hiding some invisible texts and links can be done in the following ways:

Hiding some invisible texts and links

However, with Google’s system that has been patented state it this way:

Google Patent System

Matt Cutts, who has been active in detecting web spam, and has been with Google for quite a long time tries harder to eliminate spamming in the search engine. He knows the loopholes between the quality checks and that the algorithm may not be100% perfect, however, he is trying to fix things and find solutions about it. Before this patent was awarded, Google is already practicing it. Yet, it will serve as a point of reference especially in dealing with clients regarding abuse of invisible and hidden text links.

So, what does the patent includes?

• Hidden links used single small character in a paragraph and small image (1 pixel X 1 pixel)

• CSS and Java Script can mark texts as hidden and modify documents to be replaced by texts.

• The process allows analyzing the HTML structure and elements ( divisions headings, contents, images, lists, and others) of a page.

• It allows looking at the page’s Document Object Model (DOM) to investigate on its elements, sizes, layer orders, etc.

It makes us open our mind that Google finds solutions to every problem that may pose threat in the search engine in terms of generating quality results in the SERP. Google only wants us to realize that tricking them will do no good because they have systems that have been approved to scrutinize your websites technical structure. Though Google protects privacy of websites, it won’t allow jeopardy for organic ranking manipulation.

Also, this patent will give as strong reference to warn web owners about using hidden or invisible links to get fast result. At your own end, you can give them time frame as to when the result of an SEO campaign can be seen or felt through website performance metrics without using any “SEO misconducts”. As you can see this is a legitimate pattern of following web standards and proper website structuring. It will strengthen the capacity of search engines to a be a place of reliable and credible information that can be used every day.

Lastly, Google keeps on reminding us that SEO is far better today than it was yesterday. Tricks and manipulations do no good for a site because when refreshes attack, an “artificial rank” can be easily swept out. If you want to stay in the industry, you have to follow the quality guidelines. Find an expert that sticks to it no matter how enticing unethical SEO practice is.

Know more about the Patent: Detecting hidden text and hidden links 

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