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You don’t compete with yourself, you need to know what else is going on outside your control. iSpionage.com, a keyword research and competitive analysis tool, will allow you to compare your data with the foregoing competition. It has free and paid options. You can have monthly subscriptions or a 6 month deal. Every package will of course give you different results. What’s great is you will have a money back guarantee, so let’s see if this tool is worth trying out.

Key Features of iSpionage: Keyword and Competitive Research Tool

I tried my keywords here. I used the free version only. With the keyword SEO Expert here’s the results:

searching about SEO expert

Data Available can be different when you signed up for other packages. You can see results for the following:

ispionage result

What you can generate using the tool?

  • Getting an Overview of my competitors ads in one place
  • Have a good estimate of search volume and cost per click
  • Who my strongest competitors are?
  • You can get alerts on the development of your competitors (for free account, 1 competitor only)
  • Average rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • How my competitors spent on their PPC, and SEO Campaigns
  • The keywords competency level in terms of Ads and Social mentions

You can also check on the following using the tool:

what you can check with ispionage

You can do keyword monitoring and campaign building through iSpionage provided you will subscribe to their pricing options. Under free account, you can’t really do many things, just the basic understanding of how the keywords are playing well in the competition.

iSpionage contains features that will track down PPC costs. It will help you reduce cost on it and exert more effort in search engine results but it will provide same traffic to your website. PPC is very expensive but it can gear low traffic. So, this tool will allow you to maximize your investment on PPC advertising and your desired results out of the same cost.

Why you should use it?

Easy to use – the tools results are laid out. It is easy to navigate or explore. The interface is very simple and from the time you already knew where the results are coming from, it became very manageable.

Competitor Alerts– When you are very particular of your competitor you can spy on them every day. It has a nice way of monitoring your competitor advertisements whether in a general perspective or just the granular portions only.

Flexibility– you can add or delete keywords if you think it’s not worthy anymore of if you are almost near to your subscription limit.

Organization– This is very important in spying. You have to track yourself. Through multiple Projects in the system, you can group keyword and concepts, business lines, and organize for multiple clients.

Comparisons– using the tool will allow you to see if you are at par with their efforts in their campaigns.

Keyword Suggestions– If you are using a higher level of subscription, you can probably see “Related Keyword Suggestions”. This is a supplementary action towards your campaign. It does not mean that
you will shift to suggested keywords but it will allow you to add it on your keyword monitoring, and if time comes that such keywords seemed to be more lucrative than others then you can go first to try it out. Remember that SEO is non-stagnant. There can be changes anytime. .

This seemed to be a very good tool for keyword research analysis and Pay Per Click Advertising. I am considering getting a better package sometime soon.

Have you tried this one? Share your experience below.

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