Matt Cutts on Keyword Stuffing with Phone Numbers

When things get annoying for users, Google will eliminate it. Google is striving hard to provide maximum satisfaction for searchers. One campaign that made Google employed Panda is about eliminating keyword stuffing in the web page. It is described as repeatedly using the same keywords in almost all lines or sentences but does not give any added value at all. It is an unethical practice attempting to manipulate rankings in Google SERP. These are out of context keywords that appears in the following ways:

List of Phone Numbers that gives no substantial value

Blocks of Listings of cities and states pushing to appear in the results page.

Repeating same keywords intentionally inserted and makes the content unnatural.

Matt Cutts was asked if Google take action on sites that do keyword stuffing with phone numbers? His full response on this video.

If you noticed he emphasized that listing of phone numbers in a webpage without substantial added value will be punished. It is keyword stuffing- something they are fighting against with. A lot of searchers and even web owners have been complaining about this useless webpage full of phone numbers. Because if you happen to see a webpage with stuffed with phone numbers you would even get annoyed.

Searching for company with phone number 650 252 0205, may get result like this.

searching for phone number

This happens because Google also indexed the website with phone numbers and when the searcher use that phone number, websites with that number will show up. However, when a website did keyword stuffing using phone numbers, when a searcher use that number, SERP will show websites loaded with no added value phone numbers that may not be useful for the searcher. What Matt Cut saying is that it will punish websites loading bunch of no added value phone numbers in their website because it is still considered as keyword stuffing.

It is tagged as an unethical SEO practice and thus will get punishment. Google have the capability of identifying the website stuffed with no added value phone numbers. Eventually, it will be punished through low rankings and/or banned in the search engines.

A web page full of phone numbers is simply creating a negative impression and destroying the credibility of the company to which the website belongs. If readers label your website as a “spammy page”, it can ruin your business; remember how powerful the word of mouth is. A low quality website is disregarded and untrusted.

Another consequence of practicing keyword stuffing with phone numbers is that you are creating a negative impression with other businesses and web owners. Link building can only be successful with getting quality links from a quality website. If you are stuffing keywords with phone numbers, no business will be interested in your website and you can even be reported to search engine webmasters. I believed these are enough consequences for you to stop keyword stuffing because actually, keyword stuffing using words or numbers will just give negative impacts in your website.

Google always guard its search engine results page (SERP). Its aim of bringing Google to be the top quality online library of information makes it vigilant in crawling every website and putting in on the spot for rankings. Google plays fair enough for those who follow the rules. If you can’t compete ethically, better leave the search engine competition.

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