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paid search trendsIn paid or sponsored search, a website owner or the advertiser pays an advertising fee every time there is someone who clicks on their ads either on the top or at the side of search engines result pages. Since this involves budgeting for your ads it is essential that you consider some data first before proceeding to the campaign. You need to consider something like: what search engines you wanted to focus your campaign especially when you are a small business owner who has a limited resources and always wanted to maximize the potentials of advertising. Of course no one wanted to see their money wasted and go for nothing.

Since in the previous post I am discussing about Adwords and its benefits to your online visibility, now I want to share some statistics that can help you in making smart decisions for your paid search campaigns. In engaging in PPC, you also wanted to know what search engines can deliver most clicks to your website. And that is why I wanted to share stats from the Search Agency : State of Paid Search Report (Q3 2012) which is truly interesting. It will show you the trends in paid search, the search engine used, devices, product listing ads, industries, and their outlook for the fourth Quarter of 2012. Just take note that all of the results are based on U.S. campaigns only.

What Search Engine is the leading when it comes to paid search?

As I featured on my previous articles we all know that Google is still the leading search engine when it comes to organic results and now let us see if it still dominates the paid search. Based on the State of Paid Search for Q3 of 2012, having a 28.8% growth in click Traffic, Google is still leading over Yahoo Bing Network having 21.7%. It continued in showing strength on its CPC (cost per click) growth year over year.

Click Share by Search Engine
Source: Source: The Search Agency Q3 State of Paid Search

Although we can see that Bing Click Traffic Declines but its Impression level is increasing, from 33.7% in Q3 of 2011 to 35.2% in Q3 of 2012.

Impression Share
Source: The Search Agency Q3 State of Paid Search

What Devices continue to deliver an increasing rate in click traffic?

In this study you will see the trends in devices involved in paid search and at this point you will see that Smartphones and Tablets still showing a development or growth in terms of increasing percentage in click-traffic. In Q3 of 2012 it accounted for 22% of the total click traffic which shows an increasing rate from about 10% in Q3 2011.

Click Share by Devices
Source: The Search Agency Q3 State of Paid Search

What other information included from the study?

• Google’s PLA (product listing Ads) showing a strengthening growth in Q3 with the share in paid search spending increasing by 378% quarter over quarter and having the an increasing by 656% on click traffic.

• With an increasing CTR of 25.4% and a CPC decline of 36.5%, PLA is showing us greater value in advertising.

So, what are the good news?

With that study you will see that there is value in paid search or through using Adwords. As we can see Google still tops the paid search in terms of search engine use. And also take note that there is an increasing growth in Smartphones and Tablets in click traffic, therefore it is also essential that you need to make your website prepared going mobile. There is a good future in paid search as long a you combines properly the use of proper search engine optimization for your site and by expanding your visibility through social media.

After preparing a quality website, considering the elements and wanting to make it visible to your target market, opting for paid search advertising can be of great help. Adwords can be a strategic solution for online visibility:

• Since users search through using keywords, by using Adwords it can place your ad on relevant search results. Your Ads will appear on paid search of Google, therefore attracting customers.

2 Important Elements you Need to Consider in using Adwords or any type of Paid Search

• Advertising Goals. Why you need to promote online? Are there something you want to achieve? You must have SMART Goals which is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bounded. Something like I want to use Adwords I want to increase my sales by 20% by the end of the month.

• Your Primary Audience. Knowing about certain demographics of your audience like location can also help in creating a successful campaign with Adwords or promoting your ads online. By knowing them you will have the knowledge and have focus in formulating an ad copy text that is right for them.

As we can see there is a big opportunity in paid search. Therefore it is essential to have a focus in every type of advertising that you are going to use. Since no one wanted to spend money for nothing. Think and plan strategically.

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