Learning Best SEO Practices With Blogging

best seo practices from Blogging

Yes! What you have learned with blogging?

I really like sharing about webmaster help video, since it is a way for me to add insights and at the same time it is a way of adding the relevant experiences I have. It is like igniting my mindset and creating a valuable perspective about search engine optimization and at the same time through blogging with AlSEOblog I can help other website owners who are seeking additional information about search engine optimization.

After the question about renaming SEO, here is another edition of webmaster help videos of Matt Cutts and this all about the value of blogging.

And here is the question:

question about blogging

The Straight to the Point answer of Matt Cutts:

Having a blog has helped him to have the mindset of a webmaster or a website owner and in that way he truly realized the value of SEO.

For him this truly a good question. His blog became a place where he can share his personal thoughts or thoughts about Google and additionally what he did not expect is that it helps him to step in the mindset of a webmaster or site owner or a lot better. As we all know he is working in the spam team and never ever seen that many of the great sites was out there.

And with blogging, as he step in the mind of a web owner you will see that although there are lot of bad stuff out there but still it can be easy to forget because you know as a blogger and as you contribute good stuff for the web you will realize that ranking well in a website is not all about spamming. And there are a lot of people through blogging can share great things.

And according to Matt when you are doing the right thing or following the rules it doesn’t mean that when you are ranking well in Google you are manipulating the search engine result pages (SERPs), you know that is not true. As you blog you will realize that you can rank well if you are placing importance with your accessibility and crawlability, keyword research and at the same time giving value to your content.

For him it’s a “natural instinct” to want to do well and want to do better in search engines.

Additional Tips From Matt Cutts:

He have learned that if you are going to make a list like if you will say “the top 11 things about whatever”, you will definitely have a lot more clicks and so for him it is a sort of good reminder about human nature that unless you actually practicing about some keyword selection or what you are going to put on your title wherein it turns out about “iPads, gadgets or accessories or chrome extensions”, those drive a lot of traffic and you know it is truly helpful to see all that stuff, so that’s not just an academic exercise.

And he added that in their team he encourage them to have their own site so that they will have a mindset that they must find the best possible sites and not just focus on everything that is bad since he added also that there are a lot of great stuff out there.

And here is the full video:

And Yes! What about me? What I have learned by having a blog?

Just like Matt Cutts I always believe that there are still lots of great stuff out there, especially if the webmaster is truly concern about doing well in search engines and at the same time wanting to make his website stand out to its users.

Learning Best SEO Practices With Blogging

And below are the best practices about SEO I have gained through blogging:

• Content attracts visitors to become leads.
• Through valuable keyword research it can help your site become accessible.
• The overall architecture of the site affects user’s retention or on site optimization is valuable.
• SEO must be partnered with Social Media, letting the world know that you have a great site.
• Images, Videos or Visuals add value to blogging and attract prospects to read your showcase.
• It is essential to make the website crawlable by search engine bots in order to maximize its visibility.
• In SEO it is good to rank well on search engine but you must not forget the value of lead conversion where in rankings will not work if you have no great stuff to offer.
• I have learned also that in SEO you must always be updated and just always follow the guidelines and you will be safe and you will make everybody happy (search engines and your user).

Although sometimes you will encounter failures, and I have learned that in blogging you will survive the SEO world as long as your consistent and never giving up in all the challenges that you are going to face. Just like Matt Cutts it is a way where you can discover the problems and solutions for that and at the same time you will have the mindset of eagerness for discoveries. It is also a way for me where I can share my personal thoughts, experiences and the latest updates on the web. So, what’s  about you?

Happy Blogging Everyone!

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