Link Building World Goes Round with New Link Warnings

New Link Warnings

There are lots of ways you can do in order to achieve your goals and that is why Google is doing everything to fight web spam and currently you will notice that they are again sending out new link warnings. As a recap they have started sending those link warnings last March and April informing web owners that they are engaged in link scheming or have unnatural links and currently they are sending out warnings which informs that you can safely ignore and that’s why even me experience confusion. Even our client’s website received that new link warning same context they have sent last April and it really gives a big question mark. It’s kind of wondering in an empty space and at same time it create an alarming feeling where in you will again track back again your backlinks and look at your fault. When I’ve read the post of Danny Sullivan from searchengineland about “insanity” saying that Google sent new link warnings and then they are saying that we can just ignore it. Are these new link warnings to worry about or not? What we are really going to do?

Below is an image about the link warning message received last April.

google webmaster link warning message
What you’re going to do?

What’s with the message that makes the seo world goes round?

• March and April – Sending out of Link Warning Messages

On that message Google is emphasizing that your website is engaging on techniques that violates their guidelines wherein its possibility is caused by engaging on artificial or unnatural links pointing to your website which leads to Pagerank manipulation. Although they have given examples like buying links or involving on link schemes but still it creates confusion. And they also added that if changes have been created to follow their guidelines you can now request for reconsideration, additionally if you will find those bad links that cannot be remove they allow you to provide information about it. You will see the maneuver of Google was unclear about this message if they are just informing or is it a penalty but when it comes to link network you will actually see the effect when you are participating on it since you will lose your rankings on Google search results but on the other type of link schemes we are not sure about it, what if it was done by your competitors?

• April – Birth of Penguin update
– Google provide removal of unnatural or bad links as solution
– Start also of removal of links requests

In line with the April messages, 24th of April was also the start for the running event of Penguin having the main purpose of fighting spam and when penguin stopped on your site, you’ll experience drop in rankings and in order to follow Google mission of providing quality you need also to follow them and that is through removal of bad links after that you can get request of reconsideration. When Google advice that you need to remove those bad links they don’t actually provide specifics and when Matt Cutts said that what if you there are links that you cannot remove and it only implies that there is possibility of negative seo which can influence your site rankings on Google. And this actually create a new market for link building and that is link removal request which actually make other sites benefitted just like some directory sites which ask for payment in order to remove your links and the worst thing is that it can lead to legal cases in order just to remove links. The world truly goes round! Sometimes you’re up and now you’re down. In the past: paying for linking and currently paying for removal of links which is due to the effect of warning messages. And so what do you think will be next?

• May – Another Penguin Update

• June – Matt Cutts on Disavow tool

Last May 24 also was again the running event for Penguin which is again another fight for webspam. Then next, last June from SMX Adcon, Matt Cutt said that you must not ignore those link warnings since you will notice dropping of your rankings if you will not move and find solution for link schemes and then the question again about links that cannot remove arise and that’s why he said that there is a probability of “disavow tool” where in you can immediately remove a link pointing from your website through your Google webmaster account but still by this month “link disavow tool” still haven’t existed and it’s funny since Bing acted much earlier and have their disavow tool presented. And to make the world goes round, what do you think will be next?

• July – New link warning messages

This month another new link warning messages were sent out, same context as before but to add a spice for our link building world Matt Cutt posted on his Google plus that you must not worry about it, since it is their transparency action. Where in it’s possible for them to send the spammy activity they are involved at but they also consider site’s innocence wherein they are sending it out for distrusting hacked links but if you’re been taken down, you’ll notice drop in search traffic but if you think that you’re affected with manual spam or you’re sure that you are clean up and just you can file for reconsideration.

Matt Cutt's Google plus statement
From Matt Cutt’s Google plus post

So with that message you might feel that it is a worrisome, since it is same with the first message that you need to worry about but with Matt posts, you’ll worry if your search traffic dropped but when it’s not you can just ignore it but for me it would be best if they have stated it specifically wherein owners or web masters will know if they will just ignore it or not and with this it cannot create a stressful effect.

In the past it is really easy to build links for a website but for now there are lots of restrictions and this only shows that search engine optimization is not just about creating just mere links but it must always be quality approved to avoid future penalties. And this only shows the world goes round just like at first with link schemes they are on top of the rankings but now when Google take action for it they went down. To avoid getting down we have our own choice not to be involved in the unnatural world and we can join Google’s fight again web spam through providing quality content.

What if you got that new message what you’re going to do?

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