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Link DetectiveIt’s common for webmasters to use different tools in enhancing their optimization, increasing their traffic and ranking, and making the site more safe and efficient. But some, if not most, of those devices are already obsolete as the algorithm changes and as the search engine continually provides new updates. The reason why there’s really a need for SEO tools that can aid in protecting the site from the undesirable effect of Search Engines algorithm update and in helping the website owners to know how their strategies are working for the benefits of their clients and the users.

A truly useful tool which can be one solution to the problem in unnatural or spammy links, and may also be used by a webmaster to know what links are being used by his rivals to boost their traffic and organic keywords ranking. It’s the Link Detective Tool! As its name suggests, it can detect various links being utilized in different sites, but to use it, you still have to go through the common process.

Here’s the simple and easy procedures:

Step 1: Registration

All you have to do is go to open an account in Link Detective and register by filling in the online form provided therein. After which, you can activate your account by responding to the confirmation message automatically sent by the program. And just a few seconds, you can already start using it and search for your competitors’ backlinks or your own links.

Registration in LD

Step 2: Add Your Own Project

Project here means your competitor’s name or site. You have to download all the external links of your competitors and enter them into the box. Or you can get to analyze your own backlinks.

Adding new project

Note: You can only create a single project for a free account. Thus, if you want to have multiple projects, you need to have a paid account.

Creating new project

Step 3: Add links CSV to Projects

CSV from Opensiteexplorer

csv from OSE

The links you have acquired from the OSE should then be added in your project to complete the entire process.

Adding CSV links to Project

Step 4: Wait for the Results

Here’s how the results would look like after entering the links in your link detective project:

no of links uploaded

Here’s another illustration of the result I have acquired when I analyzed one of my competitors using this tool.

backlink profile

As you already know, link diversity is one of the link building factors that greatly contribute to the ranking growth of a certain website. And based on the above data, the tool was able to detect the variety of links which are categorized into (1) live and dead links, (2) link types (known and unknown), and (3) the followed and no followed links and according to (4) anchor text .

Likewise, by just clicking the ‘anchor text’ beside ‘link types’, the tool also allows you to see those keywords being used in the link building process . Note that the percentage of keywords come from different strategies as reflected on the report.

And what is great about this tool is that you can filter the results.

filter links

Starting Competitor Research

What Links have the Highest Percentage as Revealed in the Result of the Tool?

It displays the ‘dead links’ as the one with the highest percentage of links having 41.90% as compared to the 0.06% of web 2.0 which is the lowest.

So, what Dead links means?

These are the kind of links that were deleted or removed. Therefore what you can do with this one is that you can ignore this one in your analysis.

What Links are Considered as Unknown?

Unknown links are those links that the tool weren’t able to identify or it doesn’t belong to the categories set by the tool. However, this gives me hope to find new strategies out of those ‘strange links’. Possibly, those links are what made my competitor as number 1 in Google. So, better check this one also.

What’s Interesting About Followed and NoFollowed Links?

Even if a link is NoFollowed in the search engines, it still provides an opportunity for somebody to click on it and receive traffic out of that link. However, if most of your links are NoFollowed, then it’s really necessary for you to exert more effort in gaining more followed links to balance or outweigh the former because it’s already known that the more followed links you have, the better your website rank in Google.

Furthermore, if you’re looking at a competitor’s site, the NoFollowed links may not be high as compared to the Followed ones. But bear in mind that if, currently, the link is NoFollowed, it also means that it will still be as it is now in the future. The crucial question to ask, nevertheless, is “What if the developers decide to make all outbound links as Followed links?” Would it affect the usual rule or process?

What’s the Importance of knowing the four parts or factors in the result of Link Detective Tool?

• Live vs. Dead – by knowing the live links, you’ll be able to see which links you need to focus on or analyze more. The dead links, on the other hand, can be used as basis to determine whether or not a certain link still exists or affects your traffic.

• Link Identified – if you were able to know what links your competitors are using, you’ll likewise know what strategies you have to use to compete and make an edge over them. Yet, you’ll be aware how the diversified links are working for your competitors’ sites.

• Followed vs NoFollowed – Through seeing the percentage of the Followed and Nofollowed links of your competitors it will give a hint to you like: having a higher percentage of dofollowed links than nofollowed is much better for Google ranking perspective but of course nofollow links bring traffic opportunity leading to its website.

• Anchor Text – the result from the tool will also help you in analyzing the top anchor texts and keywords that your high-ranking competitors are using which you can use as basis in likewise having appropriate keywords.

Link Detective Tool really offers good inputs which you can use to make your site more efficient and competitive in the web, but it is always important to be guided by the webmaster guidelines, and use effective strategies like counter-checking the links before you use them. Don’t just copy all the links that your competitor has it is better to think strategically.

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