How Can “LinkedIn” Link Your Business to Success?


LinkedInThe digitization of marketing has led the innovations of business firms in reaching larger audience in instantaneous means, and in developing efficient strategies to ensure long-term relationship with various clients around the globe. It has likewise changed the consumers’ conception about the lucrative activity they are involved in, and their decision-making when purchasing certain products either for their needs or wants. Hence, this is an indicative that, as the development in technology “multiplies”, the world is likewise revolving around its axis more than “twice”.

Currently, a company can easily and directly promote its products or services to the clients through social media platforms like LinkedIn which is an effective medium in professional marketing. Thus, unlike the olden times when agents would use telephones and write letters to connect with their customers, now it’s entirely different; all that a marketer should do is to create an account, employ strategies, and then get closer to the clients and secure the profit of the business.

As already proven, the business organizations have found a lot of advantages in using LinkedIn, or the “social media network of professionals” as it is being described, especially in marketing their company to the social media users. Specifically, they utilize this network to promote brand awareness, build communities which could also market their business to others, know current updates about the industry, and even track competitors. Yet, it is also worthy to note of the following items which briefly elucidate how LinkedIn could help your business succeed in the market:


● Establishes Network – in just a click of a button, you can already establish connection and build trust with your clients in the LinkedIn. The reason why you must have extra- patience while you are in the initial process; anyway, your sacrifice will sooner get compensated when you already have lots of connections and/or clients in the said site. Nonetheless, you should also be wise in having the right people because it does not follow that if you have many connections, you also have the right people. Yet, another good thing about LinkedIn is that it provides suggestions even if you don’t click the search button.

● Create Business Opportunities – after establishing connections, the next process you should seriously go through is searching for new clients or employees. At this stage, you should be the one who must initiate the conversation with your client or employer, otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time for nothing.

● Serves as an Avenue for Sharing Knowledge – every time you provide comprehensive answers to a question and many have also found them to be helpful, then expect that LinkedIn users will give you good rate. It could also give your clients favorable impression and, thus, building-up the reliability of your company.

● Provides Current Updates – sharing information is made easy in LinkedIn; hence, you can be updated on the latest news, trends and tools congruent to your field of specialization. This can then lead you in developing new strategies to improve your business.

Nonetheless, LinkedIn would not be that useful to your business if you’re not going to incorporate it with effective strategies; thus, the following are purposely provided to assist you in the successful utilization of the said network in your profit-oriented activity:

●Create and Join LinkedIn Groups – just like any other social media sites, LinkedIn has also a community where millions of users can discuss any topic they want. Thus, to market your business with these large audiences, what you have to do is to build close relationship to those whose interest is similar with yours. Yet, in joining groups in LinkedIn, you can take part of any activity, learn about the people involve therein, and develop new strategies to improve the operation of your business. Though this is the common case, this does not mean that you cannot join communities outside your interest; just explore to meet new people and opportunities which might lead you to success.

●Provide Questions and Answers – by doing so, you are establishing a thought in your clients’ minds that you are reliable and sensible enough to be followed and entrusted. In addition, this is also one way of building further connections with potential customers in the field which you are specialized in. Hence, asking questions, seeking for advice or involving yourself in a discussion is effective in building relationships even with users whom you are not familiar with.

●Build Connections – this may be the most essential duty you should always bear in mind because all the processes would boil down in this goal. Your task then is to search for people whom you can establish or build good connections for your business.

On the other side, to further maximize the profitability of your marketing in the LinkedIn, it would be very helpful to you to note of the following steps to have an ideal and well-optimized LinkedIn profile :

● Customize your LinkedIn URL – when you customize your profile’s URL, you are also making your brand name stronger.

● Make Precise Headline and Summary – your headline should explicitly describe to people your purpose or goal as a professional. Yet, you also need to summarize important points on how you can help your potential clients. The examples of precise headlines are the following: ” Social Media Manager ” , ” SEO Consultant” , and “Java Web Developer” .

● Have a Professional Profile Picture – having a professional profile picture in LinkedIn is an advantage because most users in the site are professionals. Thus, wearing collared shirt or coat and tie is advised. You should note then that since your clients have not seen you personally, the only way to have them get interested and trust you is to have a very good picture with proper lighting and background. In simple term, have a picture that could speak even just three positive words rather than having one that could have thousands of sentences, but then more than half of the impressions is negative.

● Include Job Titles And Descriptions – you really have to include your work experiences and other relevant credentials so that your potential clients would undoubtedly believe that you’re not a robot. Yet, this will also create new opportunities for you, especially when someone has seen your profile and then refer you to his colleagues.

● Make Connections – this is another vital way to optimize your profile and to do that, you have to search for potential clients, or you can import contacts from your email.

● Link into Your other Social Media Accounts – you will certainly have an efficient optimization if you utilize a number of social media sites. Here, you can follow link or link your website or blog into other social media profiles.

● Keep Your Status Updated – updating your status could greatly help in building connections with potential clients since there’s a possibility that they would either make comment or ask questions related to what you have posted.

With Linkedin you can actually post a company status update and it can be helpful for your business in creating engagement and impressions.

Indisputably, it is almost doubtless to note that LinkedIn can serve as one great potent tool in optimizing your business and increasing its profit. Thus, if you’re left behind the competition, now is the time for you to discover how powerful social media sites can be in your lucrative venture, and how influential the LinkedIn can be in linking you to the success of your life!

Al Gomez

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