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Local ListingWhile waiting for the approval of Google Places for business listing don’t just stop waiting, it’s time to go local, going for other local citations sites. There are actually lots of local citations that can help your business found within its target area.

The rapid evolution of the search engines is ostensibly the major reason why the transformation in the various sites and the practices of global and local optimizer is getting more dynamic than it was before, and the huge changes in the process of optimization are ultimately a great surprise among the webmasters who are inclined to believe that the strategies they usually employ are already the best to remain on top and consistently outrank the competitors in the online market. Oppositely, such theoretical belief is only part of history today as the development in the system never cease; it only rests while the site administrators switch to the appropriate techniques in the regular course of business.

Nonetheless, with almost everything has innovated, there are still other elements that remain authentic and efficient notwithstanding the inevitable circumstances. One of which is the local citation that stays undisturbed by the drastic changes and still considered as the effective means in optimizing any site in the local market. In fact, this is always utilized by the local business optimizers who aim to dominate the search engine ranking for it could instantly be detected when a searcher seeks for an item within his locality. It is to be noted, however, that since citations or business directories are the mentioning of products or services, name of company, business address, contact number, website, and other essential information, it is then necessary for an optimizer to first determine on which category the business belong to and where its target market is located in.

Commonly, for an efficient process, some companies would commence the creation of their citation with Super Pages so as to countercheck the data they have entered into in citing a thing which is being promoted and/or a site being optimized. Yet, others also find it helpful to open the listing of Google Places relevant to their business, and work directly thereon to ensure that the information are accurate and well-associated. Nevertheless, it is not good at all times since the search engine may sometime generate duplicate lists for the business. Thus, it is always wise and helpful for a site administrator to integrate with other specific sites, and to note of the following ways to build effective citations that can gain not a horrible defeat, but a victorious success for a local business:

• Evaluate your keywords or keyword phrases and discern which among them are the top three.

• Utilize Google Places to seek for each of the top three phrases or keywords and the right location. After which, consider the initial seven results that are being shown in Google Places.

• Make a spreadsheet to hold track of the places for each of the keywords or phrases that a place of business utilizes for citations.

• Proceed through the spreadsheet and the gathered data, and construct a citation on each of the websites that a rival has citations on. In this case, you may know that some citations are on paid listing sites; thus, it is your discretion whether or not to pay the cost of posting on the sites.

• If the keywords that you have selected are highly competitive, then you need to level-up further and employ such keywords in connection with big cities in the country where the business is located in. For instance, if you are in the United States, you can utilize Los Angeles or New York. Here, what you have to do is to gather citation data for the top businesses in that cities for each of your keywords or keyword phrases, and then build citations for your business on the sites that those which you have chosen have citations on.

•Or you can use tools to find best ways to list your local business data through using tools such as:

• Whitespark’s Local citation Finder
• Local Search Toolkit
• Citation Tracker

• Consider video citations as an integral part of building your business citations. Hence, you can use YouTube to insert videos about your business and acquire citations by putting the necessary data in the description box of the file.

Another crucial point in citation building on directories is that you should never dare to make keywords as an accessory into the listings in the citations on other sites, otherwise, you will be violating the service terms on the directories; nonetheless, Google can also reduce the consequence of such violative citations on the Google Places ranking provided that the keyword “stuffing” is taking place only with your citations, and that they might decrease your local authority boost when they give back search results to the potential clients.

In any case, you should, at all times, be cautious in creating citations for every information you include regarding your business for it has to match among the citations you’ve given, otherwise, your data in the Google places page would not be positively counted in the ranking. It is, thus, necessary to note of the following information which should accurately match: Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number, and Website Address.

Meanwhile, considering that citations are a grave requisite in excellent Google Places ranking, it is then a critical matter to consider other pages which are efficient for optimization, such as the Insider Pages, Merchant Circle, Super Pages, and YouTube. But, nevertheless, it would be more favorable if an optimizer would include in his list the following top citation sources in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, London, and Australia:

1.) United States: Trivago,, city,,,,,, and
2.) United Kingdom:, Trivago (multiple domains), tvtrip (multiple domains),,,,,,, and
3.) Canada: Better Business Bureau, Connector Local, Yellow Pages, Canpages,, WorldWeb, Allpages, CanLinks, Yelp, and Scott’s Info.
4.) London: Spoonfed, London Town, All in London, Visit London, London Online, View London, and Timeout.
5.) Australia:,,, Yahoo Local Australia, Yellow Pages Australia,, Yellow Pages Australia, Start Local,, and

On the other hand, as revealed in the 2011 Local Ranking Factors Survey, the top five factors are the following: (1) Address in City, (2) Claiming GP Listing, (3) Correct GP Category Association, (4) Quantity of Citations, and (5) NAP symmetry with own website. It is apparent in the given data that the accuracy of the business location is the most important than the quantity of citations as what is commonly believed to be the top factor.

At any rate, the bottom line still is that local citations should never be excluded in the SEO strategy when the prime purpose of the venture is to optimize a business within a certain locality, and likewise, when the common goal of the company is to maximize the scope of its specific sales avenue, and not in the “general” market which has no relevance, nor can it be relative to any specific means or end for the entire ranking promotion.

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