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schemas for localbusiness

Since I was truly interested about local search, how to find local citations and more. I also find more ways on how to optimize visibility with local search that is why this post centers on the use of schemas for local business. Even Google introduced the value of markups, even previously I have posted about making videos get indexed easily and now this post centers to the use of schemas for local business.

But, first let us review again.

Why markups are essential?

It provides schemas or markups that are recognizable by major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) which mean that adding those schemas can get indexed easily and in the end will lead to enhancement of search displays which is easier to find by searchers. It also means that through this relevant search results are displayed or people can see the right web pages. It aids for easier understanding of search engines if what a website is all about, simply recognizes what truly a website is. It is also helpful in creating structured data.

There is actually what we called as organization of schemas or having hierarchy but at this post I will just emphasize one of the commonly use schema and that is for local business .

Schema for LocalBusiness

At it defines localbusiness as a specific kind of business or it is a branch of an organization wherein the markup they presented are helpful for local business sites, for example using it on your restaurant site.

You can find there the property to be used, its expected type, and description. It presented property from thing, place, organization and localbusiness.

schema for localbusiness

It also presented schema for more specific types of business, you can see their list from AnimalShelter to TravelAgency.

And here is the example from using gift ware site:
schema for giftware site

What the essential data to be consider?

• Local Business Name
• Business Site Description
• Local Address
• Phone Number

Schema for a restaurant site:

schema for restaurant

Data needs to consider:

• Business name
• Rating Value
• Review Count
• Local Address
• Phone Number
• Website URL
• Opening Hours
• Serve Cuisines
• Price Range

Where you can add those markups or those rich snippet codes?

Those codes can be added to the text that is already on your page, for example adding it on your contact page, where in there is the location for your business and other contact information. All you need to do is apply property codes to the data or text relating to your local business information. Or you can put the code on the page that you have put your local business information. Simply insert the code pertaining to your local business data.

And when you’re done, all you need to do is to test the codes added through Google Structured Data Testing Tool. You can test it using URL of the page where you have inserted the mark-up or using the html codes.

Google Structured Data Testing tool

Why this types of schemas is essential?

It must not take for granted since it can boost richer context or structure of a site. Making your website much easier to find.

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