Does Local Visibility Matters?

local search results matters

As the title is asking, let us see if does local visibility especially on Google matters? And surprisingly we all know how powerful Google is when it comes to search market share globally, even in the US they have the highest percentage (66.7%) compared to Bing and Yahoo as reported by Comscore, so if we find out that local presence matters, therefore there is a need to rank in terms of their local searches.

local visibility

Let us start first by defining what a local search is.

What is a local search?

Local Search based on wiki is the process wherein a person or an individual searching for something having location or geography or place as a constraint using particular search engine specialized in catering this kind of queries.

Since we all see that Google is the major player when it comes to searches. How local search evolved in Google?

Using their company history let us see if when it started.

March 2004 – the start of local search catering local business listings, maps and directions which was later on combined with Google maps.

April 2005 – period of going mobile

April 2010 -Google Places, its new name was introduced and presented its additional  features and easy advertising called Tags.

November 2010 – Combination of local search and organic results

May 2012 – the release of Google+ Local – bringing the community of Google+ to local business owners globally.

Additionally aside from that let us recall that Google has improved the local search result last February 2012 with the codename Venice. As you can see on the evolution of local search it only shows that Google is giving an importance with local listings. Since with their goal of giving relevant results to the searches, therefore they are strengthening their local search of making local business visible and get noticed and this is the answer on the logic why local searches existed. Aside from that below can also prove why local visibility matters.

Statistics that supports the power of local search

Based on Google 97% of consumers search for local business online and that is why they have Google places which was merged to Google local listings in order that your business will be visible locally. Additionally according to TMP/comScore 61% of local searches leads to purchases. As you can see that there is a demand for local searches.

Seeking for additional evidence if why local visibility matters.

Below is my exploration. Searching just the keyword injury lawyer. And what I have found out?

Combination of Local and Organic Results

Since the location was detected in Washington, DC, just by searching the keyword Injury lawyer, local results came out and it was combined with organic results. So by this, it only shows that your local listing matters.

Major Factors that I have found out why they rank.

#1 Location or Physical address was set with their local address. The number one consideration why you need to put your real or exact location, since that matter in local search. And it is a number one priority. For Example on top of local search result, it’s website was set to their exact location Washington, DC

#2 Just by seeing their title tag, it has a pattern it is simply adding location on their Keyword same with the description there is an added location. For example : Washington DC Personal Injury Attorney

#3 They have local link profile or profile containing anchor text stating location + relevant keyword. You can check it through using the opensiteexplorer.

#4 Business is listed on local citation sites and have reviews.

So are you still curious about how to rank locally?

Therefore you must check out the post of David Mihm last June 2012 wherein there are local search ranking factors that need to be consider. And below is the sneak preview of this ranking factors in local search.

Sneak Preview of Local Search Ranking Factors

See the complete list of David Mihm’s local search ranking factors plus added background information about local search.

Therefore it only shows that aiming for local visibility is also a must. Since we see the demand for local searches it is essential that you must not be left behind with the competition especially when you want to target your local markets. It shows that even search engine are supporting local visibility of businesses.

What else can we do?

Be sure that you must get your business found in Google . And learn to value the Google+ local for business. Aside from that claim your business or register your business on local citation sites and have them reviewed voluntarily by your recent customers in this way aside from finding you in Google they can at least find you on local listing sites.

And finally the answer is a big YES, being locally visible truly matters. In order that others must find out about your business, make a move to be easily found on local search. Even though it can be mixed with organic results but still as Google have said 97% of users search for local business online. So what are you waiting for?  Open your doors for local market.

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