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Search engine optimization is now an important strategy under online marketing. Its vitality in boosting the sales of a business is undoubted. It has also been considered as one of the key tools for building brands, creating a reputation and channeling for post-sale support. The global industry may have not yet acknowledge the expanding SEO industry but through BrightLocal Local SEO Survey 2013 results I will prove that SEO is a lucrative investment.

There are many key areas before you can say that an industry is getting stronger. The 5 aspects covered by BrightLocal include the following:

  • Size & Turnover
  • Clients & Industries
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Services & Tasks
  • Future Outlook.

Through this survey, we can see how SEO industry has gone through the years.

As you can see in the report, it is a comparative study with bases from the last 12 months. At any industries you belong, SEO seemed to be a vital partner in attracting your customers.

It is included in the 4 most effective channels in building relationships and creating a reputation. Its effectiveness can be shown through 42% average success rate for converting new leads to customers. That’s far better than any other above the belt advertising because SEO is cheaper than commercials. An average customer can pay only $500-$1000 a month that is equivalent to 70% of consumers paying less than $1000 a month.

Though pricing is lower…

17% of SEO companies can get turnover of more than $500, 000. This is because the size of the agency and the number of clients they can handle can give an impact to turn over rates. This year 71% of SEO companies can handle between 6 and above customers.

That would mean that SEO is working hard through auditing, researching, tasks, and providing results to every client. That is because there are a variety of strategies that are in demand and catered by SEO Companies.

  • On Site Optimization
  • Google+ Optimization
  • Website development
  • Link Building
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Content Creation/Optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Citation Building
  • Mobile Site Development
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Though organic search, local search, and PPC tend to do be more effective in getting leads, other strategies are fairly competent in terms of getting customers. SEO companies prioritize on the strategies that can greatly help the website. Though some strategies like link building is tedious and time consuming, it is given much time because organic rankings are the main lead generators.

The growth of SEO since last year tends to invade the global industry. It is expected to grow even bigger in the next years to come.

93% of respondents agreed that SEO will continue to grow in the coming years.

It will compel them to recruit for more staff and employees.

Future Outlook for SEO Business 2013
Source:BrightLocal Local SEO survey 2013

How SEO Industry made this far?

The above mentioned statistics of SEO industry were the results of a survey done by an independent service. As an SEO expert, I have my vision about SEO.

It is parallel to the given fact as I am also experiencing it now. But have you ever wondered how SEO made this far? There are a lot of reasons in my mind. Yet, there is one thing that pops out the most. It is the new demand of the user.

We all value information and communication. SEO is just a way of looking up into what we need. As things turn to being digital and modern, innovation strikes the users to become dependent on the internet and the easy ways of life. SEO cater this need. When Google tried to clean the internet with spam contents, or Bing updated that social signals are important in ranking, things changed and we began to value more of what we can see on the internet.

We can conclude that as long as the need arises, and the technology innovates, SEO will be there to mediate and facilitate the needs of the user simultaneously benefiting the industry and other businesses. This proves that the SEO industry is a lucrative investment that can cater both the users and the business owners.

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