Manual Spam Action Revoked but still has Unnatural Links?

Manual Spam Action Revoked but still have unnatural links

For now, let us talk about one session during my consultation with one of my clients. I never had this case before and I was also interested in knowing what had happened about the website he consulted. I also searched for it on Google however; nothing was really helpful as this must be a new case or there is also no answer why this kind of case happened.

So, let me share it to you and hopefully you can get some insight from it.

My client consulted me about this.

Let us say, the website has really violated the rules and guidelines. Also, he has done corrective measures. In this message Google already lifted the manual spam action penalty. It may reflect sooner but you will expect that you don’t have any more unnatural links on your account. You will be confident in continuing your SEO campaign.

manual spam action revoked

When you have requested for reconsideration, that would be perceived that Google has checked if your backlinks are already following the webmaster guidelines. However, upon browsing for the links of that website, I saw these stuff:

comment in non-english site


The website looks so spammy right? Why does the client’s link still present there? Another example includes: (Note: This links actually came from GWT)

unrelevant comment

And also this,

spammy comments

As you can notice the links of the website are still present on :

• Spammy Blog Comment Links

• Links from Nom-English Sites

• Overly Optimized Anchor Texts

It only implies that Manual Spam Action Revoked but Unnatural Links are still present.

If this is the case, we can see that Google is also randomly checking the links again. It doesn’t go to it one by one. If all the checked links meet their requirements, Manual Spam Action shall be revoked. I believe that Google does not really go into each of your link that’s why some unnatural links are still there. Another cause is that it was not included in your disavow link tool. And of course, you haven’t known them before.

What does it imply to us?

First, don’t be too dependent with Google. Look for your own links and classify it accordingly, and delete unnatural links.

Upon receiving the unnatural link warnings , explore your backlinks so that whichever Google will recheck, it can  pass the requirements.

The algorithm keeps on working even if you’re manual spam action has been revoked, if it found out that there are still unnatural links, you would probably get a second manual spam action penalty.

When you received an email confirming that the manual spam action has been revoked by Google, you have to recheck your backlinks, again as the time when you have submitted the reconsideration request and the time Google check for unnatural links may have discrepancies.

Lastly, take overall control with your link building campaign. There might be some negative SEO but when you are regularly checking your website, you can prevent it from ruining your website’s performance.

In this case, I learned that our effort in removing or disavowing unnatural links does not stop when Google has already revoked the penalty. It is just an indication that you have to do more in terms of maintaining spam free backlinks.

Have you seen this kind of case? Please share your thoughts, and experiences below.

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