Marketing with Social Media – Series 1

marketing with social media
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‘rise up over your competitor’s shadow”

Marketing is undeniably one of the critical and toughest functions to perform by any business company to promote not just the quality product or service being sold, but also the lucrative identity of the whole corporation. It is certainly the foreground of the organization’s vision to be on the top of the competition and stay above the “shadow” of the competitors.

Nonetheless, it would be inefficient for any profit-oriented organization to just merely depend on the traditional forms of marketing which are already common among the target clients, and thus as a consequence, they seem to be of no use at all. Hence, in every fiscal schedule, it should be part of the crucial responsibility of the company to evaluate how effective was the previous marketing plan and its utilization. In this way, the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing strategies could be rightfully ascertained and, consequently, that could serve as basis for the succeeding plan.

Ostensibly, in the process of outlining the competitive actions to take for the next business operation, there are things which should be carefully considered so as to avoid any hassle or delay during the final stage of implementation. The consideration here commonly revolves in two essential aspects: the budget and the platform to be employed in marketing. Nevertheless, usually, the former is just predicated on the determination of the latter. Hence, it simply means that when the medium to be used in marketing has already been identified, then there only comes after the appropriation of the budget.

Meanwhile, considering the complexity of the personalities and/or attitudes of the consumers towards the gratification of their need, it would really be tougher for the company to discern what media are appropriate to utilize in reaching the wide range of audience. Hence, the reliable facts from surveys here are necessary to serve as basis thereof. Currently, according to the current studies, the use of social media as a marketing instrument is the new trend for “business to consumers” regular interaction. Thus, it is also noteworthy that a company should create an avenue in the virtual world or the internet for the customers to explore and discover the valuable information about one’s business.

At any rate, there is always an assurance that a company could gain an advantage through the use of social media such as, to mention the few, Facebook and Twitter that have diverse groups of people who visit therein almost, if not totally, twenty-four hours a day. Specifically, it has been found out in various studies that the following are the advantageous reasons for why a company should utilize social media as part of the efficient marketing strategy:

Companies that are using social media for marketing purposes, according to emarketer data, revealed that social media increase the (1) Marketing Effectiveness up to 63%, (2) Customer Satisfaction to 50%, (3) Product or Service Improvement and Revenue to 24%, and reduces the (4) Marketing Costs down to 45%, (5) Support Costs to 35%, and (6) Marketing Time to 26%. – Source: McKinsey Global Institute

social media
Source: Mckinsey Global Institute

• Internet users in the United States, according to Nielsen Company, are spending much of their time (3x more minutes) in the use of social media such as blogs;

A survey of Merchant Circle also revealed that over 50% of the companies spend about $2,500 on social media marketing every year and about 70% see facebook as effective social network for marketing.

State of Inbound Marketing in 2012 by likewise revealed that 62% of the companies admitted that social media is an important reference of current trends in the market and they also revealed the following:

• More than 77% of  B2C (Business to consumer) companies are also able to gain clients through Facebook;

• Through LinkedIn, 65%  B2B (Business to Business) can also have new customers;

• And about 44% of marketing agents also claim that by using Twitter, they are able to acquire clients, and more than 40% further said that Google is critically useful for their business.

PewResearchCenter, on the other hand, discovered that in the U.S. at least 74% of adults aged 18-above are regularly logged-in online;

• According to Aberdeen Research (March 2012) among the top 20% of B2B marketers in social media lead generation increased sales by 20% in 2011

social media
social media power

Evidently, social media is not just useful for social and communication reasons, but also for business purposes, especially in marketing. It serves as an avenue for companies to know how the preferences of their clients change in time intervals, and from which the effective strategy is then based; and upon one hand, the customers therewith are likewise given a great opportunity to discover not just the updates about their friends and trending news about international artists and events, but also the significant innovation to the services and/or products of their trusted companies. Doubtless to note, now is really the time to create an “account of success” in social media for the growth and stability of your business!

Start Building Your Market with Social Media

Social media is one of the influential networking instruments that have elevated the development and/or progress of business industry throughout the globe; it is somewhat the prime reason for which the animosity in drafting the marketing strategies has been totally eliminated. Yet, it also serves as an “alter ego” of the marketing agents who are striving to dominate their respective fields of specialization.

Nowadays social media is not just a fad or trend it is essential. It is not just about joining on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media sites. Nowadays it is essential to know where you’re target market from. Just like on the survey of which shows that Facebook is best for B2C (Business to Consumers) while LinkedIn is appropriate for B2B (Business to Business), so it’s time to place yourself in the proper platform and additionally to go social it is essential also that you must have your own blog updated according again to Hubspot where in business that blog  >20 times/mo.  Get 5x more traffic than those who blog < 4times/month.

Nonetheless, in order for the company to maximize the advantages of the social media, it has to choose the right medium suited for its efficient regular function. Thus, among the tempting online sites such as the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and YouTube, it is necessary for a marketer to choose the most fitted, or if possible, utilize them all.

At any rate, it may be a query for some on how these sites are so significant in building the company’s reputation or identity, and increasing its sales. The reason why the following explicit background on each of them are purposely provided:

LinkedIn – this is said to be the best online network for lawyers prior to the tilting into the social media arena. This may be so because (1) a huge number of professionals are using it; (2) it’s not primarily concerned with individual privacy; (3) gives greater opportunity to search and establish strong connection with other people, and; (4) offers opportunity to check completely the profile before engaging into business. The steps in creating this one are as follows:

linkedin registration(a) Register and Create a Thoughtful Profile – always remember in creating an account in this site that proper registration is always necessary; hence, providing basic information and uploading profile picture should be done carefully.

(b) Create a Custom URL – it should be noted that by having this one done appropriately, it could greatly serve as a helpful means for marketing.

(c) Build Connections – this could be done through the importation of your existing business contacts into a newly created profile. Yet, to be more effective, you can also encourage your colleagues to join the site, and build groups according to the basic information they have provided.

(d) Maximize LinkedIn Features – do this by posting questions and answering the same to your blogs and other relevant sites. Hence, this is also one effective way to increase the site’s traffic.

create facebook page• Facebook – this remains as unbeaten social media site which is also utilized as one best means for online marketing. Commonly, what is created here is the Fan page that could serve as a mini website. This is utilized, basically, because one (1) can post photos and videos of agents’ operation, (2) discuss trending issues with the followers of the Fan page, (3) promote future events of the company, and (4) integrate other websites, blogs, and newsletters. The simple ways are just the same as the preceding procedure above, except that here, the company could invest by advertising in the said site which is apparently a helpful means for marketing.

sign up for twitter• Twitter – this is another social media site which is significantly rising today, and that it also serves as one avenue for the companies to market their products or services. Specifically, it bolsters quick news and links to the sites, and one can post questions and get answers immediately, and likewise he can build trust and loyalty with the clients. The process is also the same with the above-given, and it would only differ on how it is being used by the company. However, it should be noted that this site may efficiently serve the purpose of the business if what is posted is about the upcoming events, links of current reports, and news about clients, especially to the benefits of law firms.

• Blog Sites – having blog sites to use as artificial marketing agents is undeniably commendable for it has been proven to be effective in making people understand the product or service being promoted, thus as a result, it helps to increase the website’s ranking in the search engine. Yet, this can also be easily shared and/or distributed among other bloggers who could be potential clients of the business. Nevetheless, a blog site is not as easy to create with the preceding items, and that it requires technical skills in doing so.


• YouTube – it is noted to be the premier site for video sharing, and such is an advantage in marketing for one can create here a video of personalized blog post which could aid for the better understanding of audience. This can also be uploaded with other video materials intended for marketing the business.

How to use YouTube effectively?

• Share video presentations you have given – this will show people your authority and skills

• Share client video statements to boosts to your credibility.

• Share a short video of your product in a movie trailer like to capture your clients in a fast and creative way

• Share a video of introduction of your staffs to boost your genuineness.

• Share links of your videos to other social networking sites


google plus registration Google+ -Why? (1.) The Power of +1 : an easy start of conversations and a way of recommendations for your social circles around the web; (2)Cicles and Hangouts : starting real conversations with real people, equals web traffic. and another way of getting noticed and driving more attention for the word of mouth.

• Pinterest – Provides a virtual pinboard that allows it users to pin whatever interest them. They can Pinterestorganize and share it. A perfect place where to advertise your brands, make new connections and meet new people.

(a)Make an account -You must be first invited

• Usually, after a day or two you will receive a confirmation; minor technicality of Pinterest

• While waiting for the confirmation, you can explore and familiarized the site

(b)Make boards

• Define it according to what your target audience’s preferences

• Name your boards in a descriptive way; keywords like title for more user friendly

(c)Get a “pin it” button

• By pinning photos, (from your website, blog posts) it is like adding links back

• Name your Pin so that users will be able to know where to categorized it in their boards

(d)Bring on board the Pinterest

• Stay connected with people like any other social media site

• Spend some time in visiting other boards, follow people, comment on photos

• Be creative on your pins

myspace• Myspace – same as having a facebook page, myspace can also connect you with your target markets

(a)Sign Up an Account

• its free and easy

• Fill out all necessary information

(b)Custom URL (

• You may opt to have the name of your business or brand name

(c)Use of Images

• You will be known better to people if

• Picture speaks a thousand words

• Usage of third party sites like ( allows you to create a gallery of pictures to your profile

stumbleupon• Stumbleupon – There is where you can bookmark your page or submit your page, always make sure that the one you are sharing has a valuable content.

Ways to make your account draw attention

(a) Customize your page

• Upload your picture

• Fill in your interests

• Tell people who you are

(b) Join Groups

• Participate on the group where your business interests are

• Add people whose interests lie within your field

(c) Often stumble

• Keep your account updated

• Always aim for “thumbs up” you may receive from “stumblers”

• Tumblr – boost your business’ web and social media presence. Get connected with a greater audience and potential clients. Works well with search engine optimization and greater increase your visibility for having active profile. No knowledge of HTML is necessary.


Getting Started:

• Do a little research on how other businesses managed their Tumblr accounts

• After it, you can create a profile

Best feature of tumblr is that it showcase all forms of social media

• PHOTOS: You can post photos of business; products your sell; pictures of happy customers

• VIDEO & LINKS : Another ways to keep up your profile; post latest news related to your website; promotes sense of community

• TEXT : Real time updates for greater ways of communication with clients; long or short text it be, it adds personal touch to your online marketing presence


For Photography :

Additional for e-commerce:

What ever your chosen social media platform, what is important is that you’ll use it accordingly and build your own identity and rise up against your competitors’ shadows.

Up next: watch out for the next series of marketing with social media!

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