Matt Cutts Erases SEO Misconception

matt cutts on seo misconception

Yes, this is another edition of Webmaster help video of Matt Cutts and another interesting scope from him which is pertaining to SEO misconception.

Misconception is something we wanted to eradicate. There has to be a clear view of how SEO goes because it is a vital factor in formulating and implementing SEO strategies that will benefit and boost a website performance. In SEO, this misconception will be cleared by Matt Cutts himself. Thanks to Allard van Helbergen for raising this question.

seo misconception

In this video Matt Cutts speak of a misconception on its patent that has already been discussed in my blog Ranking Documents, Patent of Google Targeting Spammers .

He was giving insights about Patents that have been granted to Google and even still on pending application status. Before anything else let us a define a patent. A dictionary definition of a patent runs this way:

By definition we can say that a patent can either be integrated in the system or not. This is because a patent is a protection from not being copied, used, or sold by other party but not an obligatory system to be used in the algorithm. The patent showed how the ranking system may be modified and how can Google figure it out. Yet, Google does not mean that it is included in their system. It maybe but in a positive and meaningful way.

So, how does it affect SEO campaigns?

Let us say the ranking documents that can trick search spammers have been granted to Google. As the Patent is already detailed in the above linked blog. We will not talk about it but what Matt Cutts had stated. When the misconception continues to reign in the mind of SEO professionals, the possibility of giving up the website is high, which Google doesn’t want to. You will think that Google has been so strict in implementing such patent which can be delusional.

So, will you just ignore the Patent?

If you don’t have any plans of tricking the search results, then the Patent can be ignored. However, you should not be totally unaware of it. The patent is still a guide why you should not spam on the internet and that Google legally own the process of detecting rank manipulation generated through different unethical strategies.

Generally, it is not about the Patent that SEO should be particular about but the guidelines imposed by Google. Because even if there is a patent for something it does not necessarily mean it is integrated in the system. Matt Cutts, himself cleared this issue. So, don’t get paranoid by the patent or patent application. As an SEO Expert you have to know where to focus your fear on and keep track of Google updates. Matt Cutts will announce if a certain patent is totally functioning under their system or not. And also, you will know it based on your website performance.

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