Meta Description Magic on Google Search!

meta description magic

This post was made after I stroll on some search results over Google search. Nowadays, SEO industry does not just consider the quality and quantity matters but also the cost of service. With such thought in mind, I key in some terms like “SEO price comparison”. This was an honest search because I find it interesting in knowing different prices. However, I found a more interesting topic which I believed should be shared here. I learned another lesson for on-site optimization. I learned not about the different quotations of services but something about Meta Description.

As I key in the keywords SEO Price Comparison, I go through third page and saw this. What if you will go to find something like this?

meta description true false

Would you mind browsing about this site? For an ordinary searcher this might not be big deal, simple reaction is to skip that website because there is no summary about the page all you can see is the true;false attribute on search result. But I have background in SEO, and for me something must be wrong with this site. This might be one little thing that often taken for granted and therefore resulted to this kind of description. In line with this, if you are the web owner, you would probably find it disgusting.

What is wrong about the page’s description?

• First the page has no content on its meta-description.

no meta description

I tried to open the site and its source codes. Well, unexpectedly I saw an empty field for meta description. Why not leave the Meta description empty or make it blank in SERP? That will lead us to the second problem.

• Google is reading the TRUE/FALSE Value.

true false value

It’s not the meta-description but TRUE/False attribute is on the same website.

Lesson Learned:

• Google is reading other attributes if there is no Meta description content.

• Meta-Description is an important value adds on search results query therefore it must not be taken for granted.

Why Meta Description is essential?

It seems I haven’t posted yet how important meta-descriptions are. Considering the case I have encountered, we must be well aware of how essential it is on SEO, to users and of course to your business. If you would think about these three are complementary for each other. When it works best for SEO, surely it will do the same to your users and business.

If you are having a commercial page, your Meta description should serve as the slogan. It is your front to your users, who are potentially your customers. When Meta descriptions are enticing and effective it can compel users to click your link and browse over your website. That would be an opportunity for you convert this visitor into consumers. Did you know that 43.2% of people who clicked the website were due to good and catching Meta descriptions. Therefore, we can say that meta descriptions are doorways to having visitors.

Another thing is that Search engines consider meta-descriptions are important attribute in the website structure. It will be what the SERP will show. So, though it is just roughly 160 characters, it can summarize your webpage’s content and make it visible to your users. Remember that nobody will know about your website unless it is not clicked.

When your website appears good in SERP, users will have a tendency to click it, therefore it will be a potential consumer (sale).

Considering the case I have mentioned above, see that a website appearing in the SERP with true!true!true! Meta descriptions are not good to look at. Do you expect a user to click on this website? Perhaps, you don’t. As search engine optimization or specifically onset optimization wants every website to appear valid, and legit in the SERP, you must also scrutinize your websites HTML structure. Remember this line from me, those who succeed don’t neglect the littlest aspect of competition.

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