Mining Competitor’s Local listing Resources with Google Local Search


Local visibility of the site truly matters as it is one effective way of reaching the 97% of the online consumers of a local business. It is the reason why local listings or citations like Google’s local search are very important since it can help increase the site’s visibility in the local market.

And as we probably all know, rising above others in Google local is not only an essential thing to accomplish, but more so, in getting the business’ name listed on other citations. Thus, in this case, having local citation sites or resources to optimize local visibility is necessary. And one best strategy of searching for and acquiring these resources is by using the local search of Google. See the illustration below:

In this example, I have used the keyword “ personal injury attorney”, and below are the results:

local listing resources with Google local search

Within a few seconds after typing the keyword, you can then see the local results including your competitors’ local listing resources which are also listed in Yahoo local, Quobuzz, Superpages and Merchant circle.

Indeed, just by typing the term related to your niche, you can really get the resources from your competitor’s local listing sites. Yet, even just by using the keyword shopping, you can already see their local citations. See the following example:


You can see above that it is a mix of organic and local search results. And thinking based on the consumer’s perspective, I will, of course, prefer to visit the local shopping site for practical reason. Hence, considering this, it is undeniably vital since when the users prefer to click the local sites, you have then the possibility of getting them through your own site.

Likewise, I was able to find out that in order to be on top local search rankings, it is important that you should acquire the consumers’ reviews and make them as one basis in enhancing your site. It’s just one thing, and you should always aspire to get a “five star” rating in Google’s local search and be in other local listing sites for it is one efficient technique in boosting your site’s productivity in the local market.

Meanwhile, if you have already acquired and used some local citation sites, yet your own site is still not appearing on the local search results, you should do the following:

#1 . Make sure to review your details because there might be some inconsistencies in the information you have filled up especially as to the location you have put in the local citation sites.

#2. Inform your clients that you have a local listing and tell them that they can write reviews in those sites about your service or products. It can be one good way for e-commerce sites to be known locally; thus, you should not forget telling them that you are present in Google+ local or other local citation sites.

But always take note that being part of the local search results is not enough, you should have reviews to make your visibility more productive because it is not just about having higher ranking, but also converting your prospect consumers into leads. And the best way of doing that is by giving the users what they deserve and responding to every comment that they have made. It is between you and the users, and the gap should be filled in by mining the local resources which can give you edge over the others!

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