Negative SEO? Scraped Content Leading to Keyword Ranking Drop

negative seo plus scraped content

I checked recently the links pointing to my site coming from Google Webmaster tool and what was surprising is that the March discovered links are coming from 22 blog posts and they all have same anchor text or keyword which is SEO Consultant. And in all the blog posts, you can find this one:

Similar Content

All using the same keyword pointing on the same page. Previously that keyword rank top 3 in Google now it is on number 6 spot. And this truly surprises me because I haven’t submitted this kind of guest post and for this period we all know that Panda Update exists. I have not been asked also for this kind of blog post. It is truly annoying to find this kind of blog posts.

Is it an Implication of a Negative SEO?

While Sorting the Links What I have found out?

• All have the Same Title : “The Right SEO Consultant for a Growing Business”

• Same keyword and URL (dofollow)

• Same author bio

• Duplicate Content/ Scraped Content

• Same IP Addresses

• Similar Template

• NO Contact Info Page

• Low PR Sites

• Low Domain Authority

• All Running for Infolinks / Ads

• Have Pop Up Ads

• Most are Posted on the Same date (March 5, 2013)

And here are the blog sites that I have found through Google Webmaster Tool where my link exists:

Blog Sites With Scrape Content

And additionally you can find there a blog with red font which means that it contains Malware.

As you can see those sites have low value based on its PR and domain authority and also it has same IP addresses. With regards to the site navigation, all you can find is this one and there is no contact page actually.

Similar Format…
All of the post actually have Infolinks and Ads on Content’s Body.

Infolinks on the body

Even when you checked the content with Copyscape, it is identified to have similar content to other blogs. As you can see on this one about 62% is similar on other blog.

copyscape check

More about what I have found out…

Through Google search, I have found similar blog post and article sites having scraped content. I search it using the “Title” of the post wherein I have found additional 3 blogs with the same IP.

Scraped Content Google Search
And it is even socially shared through Google Plus,

I never did this stuff and I always check the blog before I post something on it. I don’t even know the owner of this profile.

Only implies that…

Seems that the blog have the same owner. It is somewhat a kind of blog network aiming for traffic and gaining clicks through Ads. It scraped or copied content in order just to update its blog. For a SEO point of this is some kind of Negative SEO, since it can harm website connected to the blog post due to duplicate content. It is also a clear violation of the webmaster guidelines:

scraped content

You may not have overall control about your contents being stolen, however, you can resolve the issue.

If you are the Victim, what to do?

• If it has a contact info or form, use it to ask for Link Removal, you can also use its comment form to send your link removal request.

• If there is no way to contact the website owner, you have to take note these links in preparation for disavowing.

• Regularly check your links to find out the bad ones that can affect not just your ranking but most importantly your site reputation.

As you can see when contents are stolen and posted in other blog, it can be penalized by Google. This is in a sense negative SEO. Data theft can be damaging for businesses and even for personal levels. You have to be vigilant about negative SEO. You can’t do the same but you can always protect yourself from them.

Have you found out something like this? Share your experience below.

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