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new google analytics

Google Analytics will allow you to see your website performance. From your visitors, inbound and outbound links, Google status and many more, you’ll have a full view of how far you have been doing in SEO or more specifically in Google. Google analytics provide wide functions to give you options, to open for choices and mixes of strategies. It is important to understand your performance in SEO competition for you to maintain rankings, traffic and ROI. It is also advisable to track your website status in a span of time to trace where you have gotten wrong or what strategy made you to the top.

Before the enhancement of user control lists, Google Analytics is a role based system. It limits some aspects because a user can choose either a full account administrator, or a simple report viewer on your profiles.

The new access control will give changes in the following terms:

new access control

Accounts– refer to the access point for the analytics. You need to have at least one account to track the properties.

Profile– is the “distinct view” of property data that has been previously collected.

Users– another user that can have access to the account.

adding additional users

Property– refers to the medium for which you will be getting the data at. The analytics will be providing you a tracking code to be used for data collection and reporting.

So how does the new system will take effect?

Permission Expansion allowed

Permissions are granted not just with analytics account and profiles but also through the property level. This property pertains to website, a mobile application, a blog that have visitors using the web or mobile apps.

Enhanced Permissions To Users

Before, Google Analytics allows only administrator & report viewing, the new access controls allow viewing, editing and managing accessibility. It also allows customized permission into the three levels mentioned above.

The news access system will allow greater variety such as allowing users to access the properties and profiles of the account they have access at with the role based system. This is essential for web owners who hire for SEO consultants to manage their website. They can add them as Users of the account. Still the full administration of the account will be given to the owner.

For the next weeks to come, Google will automatically migrate the role based to system to new access controls. All accounts under the previous systems will remain and can be used with added permissions wherein accessibility will be expanded to profiles and properties.

When your Google Analytic will be migrated, it will show a more sophisticated interface. It is where the account administrators will be converted as users to fully manage other users, edit and view accounts.

Google analytics is very important to web owner and SEO because it is where you can monitor all activities, impact and trends that Google have considered, links that have been indexed and source of traffic. An overall control of the account will give easier monitoring, strict reporting and better analysis of strategies.

Google Analytics New Interface

The new interface of Google Analytic looks like the image above. It is easily understood and managed. Google heard several suggestions to have a refined control over accessibility on the accounts and its properties. In return Google expects that web owners or webmasters will do better in their SEO campaigns.

As an SEO expert, I believe that this action of Google will open more opportunities but will heighten competition. To deal with that you’ve got to find someone who can take care of your Google Analytics not just the reporting system but how the reports are generated.

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