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New Twitter Embedded Timeline

Having a twitter account means creating a “real time” interaction with tweeple and bringing the world closer within your reach, but how about today that it has already an embeddable timeline that has instantly changed the views of global users? Would it mean a magnet for site optimizers to pull the lucrative opportunities of having an expanded activity in such social media site? Yes, it’s not far from that possibility because twitter now with timeline is as potent as any other strategy in increasing the traffic of your site.

You may feel more overwhelmed and will surely like the following advantages of embeddable timelines to your websites:

Your Followers and Site’s Visitors Can Now Reply Instantly With Your Tweets – Isn’t that cool? You have big chances of connecting with your potential clients, or having real time bolstering the possibilities of increasing your site’s traffic with the right people and at your own right site!

• They Can Retweet Your Own Tweets – If they find it cool, inspiring and useful, your tweets has higher chances of retweeting by your visitors straight from your website. Isn’t that awesome?

• They can Favorited your Tweets – Again straight from your website and in real time your readers or visitors can automatically mark you as favorite if they like or love your tweets especially catering tweets to those having same interest with you. Isn’t that what you like?

What is even more commendable about the current feature of twitter is that you can do it directly on your website since an additional tweet box is provided to attract and encourage visitors to do those mentioned above. Yet, as the twitter noted, this was designed for the web, mobile and other devices; thus, your followers can now retweet or interact with you at any time and place while they are visiting your website.

Meanwhile, as I have experienced before, you may probably feel excited now to try this one and know how powerful a twiter’s timeline can be to your site’s traffic; hence, I provided you with the following options and steps in creating a timeline:

Your Timeline Options:

• Timeline for Individual Users
• User’s Favorites
• Twitter Lists
• Search Query or Hash Tag (#)

Easy Steps in Creating Your Timeline:

1. Go to then just click the “create new” button.

Twitter Widget

2. For User’s Timeline: just fill in the username, choose the height, the theme (which can either be dark or light, click the check button if you want to expand the photos. You can also choose the link color, then enter the domain where you want to embed the timeline, and likewise opt-out of tailoring twitter and finally create the widget.

twitter widget

Then just simply copy the html code of the widget and simply paste it to embed on your website.
just copy and paste the embed code
Example Tweet by alseoblog:

And you can also customize the size of the timeline through editing its width and height attribute, just take note that the minimum width is 220px and the maximum is 520px.
embedded code

3. For Favorites: Just go to Favorites section and do step number 2. And my example is actually about alseoblog’s favorite tweets.

4. For list. Just go to the list section, and choose among the available list that you own or subscribe to, then just follow step number 2.

configure a widget for list

5. For Search or Using Hash Tag: Just go to the search section, then you can use either search query or a hash tag search like #blog, then just do the same with step no. 2

configure a widget for search

As you can see I’ve tried it all four and it’s so easy. All you need to do it just fill in, then create and lastly embed.
widget area

Don’t ever limit the possibilities of achieving your success in the “real time” with twitter that is the new ultimate way of your site to gain more traffic and clients without being penalized. And remember: it’s not an accident to be on top; it’s a choice which you must work hard for.

Bonus: It can also be added not just on WordPress but even on Tumblr. Just edit the html of your theme.

edit html theme
tumblr embed code

And finally…

my tumblr

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