5 Ws and 1 H of Niche Site Content Strategy

niche site content strategy

Content strategy is the new threshold of online competence. People look for valuable, informative, useful and engaging contents that will answer their questions, will satisfy their needs and will keep the beat of interest. Creating content is not just about bombarding the website with information, factual yet cluttered and perceive as unsubstantial by the users. For today’s blog I will be guiding you how to strategize on your contents.

Web contents are crucial for SEO, user experience, web development, marketing, and other business aspects dealing with creating a link between your consumer and your business. It will represent your company, the authority it has, the credibility it bodies and reliability it possessed that will make the user believed and respond by what the message of the content expects. When creating a web content it should satisfy user’s expectation while fulfilling the business’ objectives.

There are a lot of things to think about when writing web contents. It should be done and with the understanding of the following factors to have an effective niche content strategy.

Factors to Consider…

• Audience- The Reader and Your Potential Customer

◦ First let us define niche. It is a group of people sharing the same interests, lifestyles, demographic, profile and other indicators that make them connected with each other. This niche will be your target market and thus you have to shape your content based on the following:

▪ Literacy Level– You should always watch out for your audience educational level. When you audience is highly technical people you are expected to use language they expect you to write. However, if your audience is below fair level you must adjust to them, and use simple and clear language. Most of the time simple language is preferred as it is safe and will not be discarded by most readers.

▪ Purpose of Reading/Readership– Your niche can be highly engaging and that readers can be those who wants to learn, who just want to read and entertained and someone who’s looking for nothing but stick to what he or she has read about.

▪ Demographic Profile– Always considers the genre, age, gender, interests of your consumers. The way you write should be fit to the writing style they enjoy reading about. You must use appeals that will trigger interest and engagement.

• Set Your Goal or Purpose of Writing the Content

◦ You can’t just create web contents without a purpose at all. By saying purpose we mean, what response do you expect your potential reader will elicit? Is it to make them purchase, informed or developed trust to precede selling activity. At any of this information you have to understand what content you must publish.

▪ Content Components- the substance and structure of the content is important. It will dictate the topics, tone, style and message embodied by the content. Also, it is important how you will present the content such as its building blocks containing the headlines, body and conclusion. It will be dependent on your style as a writer.

▪ People Components– it includes the workflow and governance aspect of the content. It signifies the process, and resources that are needed in creating a content. It should echo integrity, consistency, and quality.

◦ Voice and Tone matter in content marketing. Voice refers to the persona (as discussed previously) while tone is the way the content is put across the web.

• Using Metadata in Your Content and Adhering to Web standards

◦ You wouldn’t want your contents to go to waste. You have to get your developers make the contents crawled by search engine algorithms. It will also provide a rich user experience when they are browsing in the web. Metadata should be used because of the benefit it can give.

using metadata

◦ As there are already different mediums to where your content can be seen, you must allow your websites to be flexible. Adhering to web standards and HTML 5 will give you the following benefits:


• Build A Platform that will encourage feedback or comments or stories of their own

◦ To everything you do, you must consider your readers. You have to know if the content elicited the response you are expected or if they have been satisfied of the content of the web page. The most important content in the web page is your users content so ask them to share their own and get inspiration from that.

It is also important to know when is the best time to write a certain topic especially the seasonal ones. Holidays should be well utilized to get inspirations when using the content. You can appeal to your readers if the content is real time. As you can see niche content strategy will just answer the 5 W’s and H which are:

Why you are making the content, What is it about, Who will be reading it, Where it will be posted, How it will be put into context, and When is the best time to publish.

Now, you understand how to develop an effective niche content strategy, the question is how will you know what topic or content to tackle.

Think of this suggestions:

➢ Get updated relevant contents from Google Alerts. Using http://www.google.com/alerts .

google alerts

Google alerts will provide new and relevant content about contents you want to focus on. You can manage what specific topic you want and the times it will be sent to you.

➢ Solicit Information from your Audience

This will work best if your website has been totally engaging. Also, you can use social media to ask about the content that will work best

➢ Subscribe to Blogs and News Site

Finding a relevant site and subscribing to their feeds can also be a good strategy. From there you can get idea how you can make your content should be structured to make it credible, presentable and interactive.

➢ Utilize the tools provided for free

Don’t waste free sources that can help you.

Title Maker

For example Portent Title Maker . If you can’t start because you don’t have a title, click for suggestions there.

➢ Analyze content that your competitors created

As they said your competitor is your best teacher. So choose your top competitor and see how they have been doing in their contents. Surely, you will have the same niche, but with different approach and style. You can benchmark on their strategies and even with what and how they are writing about a certain topic.

➢ Carry out Keyword Research

Don’t assume how searchers will look for your website. They won’t go to you directly instead you have to sneak and chase them. You can use Google keyword tool to identify what keyword to use for your campaign.

A SEO Expert Advice:

I believe I have posted every aspect of executing an effective content strategy. All pointers are given but creativity lies in your hand. To concretize that creativity, you can talk to me and we’ll discuss more about it.

Thoughts? Share it below.

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