Matt Cutts Confirmed: No “Big Penguin Update” this Week

no big penguin update

Despite the rumors that the big Penguin update has been rolled out, Matt Cutts confirmed that there was none. All indications on circumstances and big fluctuations on rankings should not be blamed to the big algorithm update. Yet, he was consistent in warning us that the big refresh will be rolled out a few weeks from now.

So, what caused the buzz about penguin update?

Some speculate that the fluxes in rankings were brought by Panda 26. Just I remember then, Matt Cutts said that Panda will be integrated in their search algorithm therefore we can say that the ranking fluctuation is normal and supposed to be expected. The flux is brought by search algorithm Google running from time to time.

Looking back through all Panda and Penguin impacts on search rankings, we can say that it has tremendously changed the way we perceive SEO. What everybody wondered and feared about is the next Penguin Update that will be referred to as Penguin 2.0. The time line of Panda and Penguin updates as well as how they were renamed and renumbered doesn’t really matter. What matters most is how your website can stand despite these algorithm refreshes.

From Panda 1 to Panda 25, a lot of queries for both English and non-English sites have been affected. With the advent of Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012, 3.1% queries were affected. That’s a lot to consider, and only a few have recovered. If this would continue to happen, the security of having stable rankings seemed to be dim and gloomy.

Panda updates’ intensity and extent were not laid down by Google, even announcement and confirmation was delayed. That had shaken SEO, but with the next update we can say that it must be something really big and can affect large percentage of queries. Yet, unless Google announced and confirmed something we can’t tell what the update will really cover and how it will change the SEO industry. What we can do here is to become vigilant of the competition and of course rigid monitoring of website performances and SEO strategies. No one can afford to risk a single mistake and give way to Penguin for a big hit.

As an SEO expert myself, I have also tried to inspect other websites using different tools. I learned a lot and I am hoping that the Penguin update will be on my side. I have overhauled my strategies and focus more on user’s welfare. Though the results seemed gradual I can see improvements on rankings. Panda and Penguin updates over time make every web owners weary of the next algorithm update.

Yet, is it really something to be worried about? According to Matt Cutts, the guidelines will guide both the search engine and the SEO practitioners. Therefore, if you follow the guidelines, nothing has to be worried about.

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Are you ready for the next Penguin Update?

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