Facebook Business: Social Search Conversation Tools Rolled Out

The competition in business has shifted to the online world where customers are engaging themselves in every platform possible. We used to believe that people still rely on search engine for discovering new things while social networking sites are used for conversation…

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Can Google Be Wrong in Sending Manual Spam?

Nobody is perfect. You can never be perfect. Does it apply to Google too? Google is a search engine, a system that uses a standardize process in generating results that will benefit the users. Well, Google also laid down all its guidelines…

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Now Serving Everyone:Facebook Embed Posts

Previously Facebook has announced : “You can Now Embed Facebook Status!“, but it is only available on limited accounts ( Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and PEOPLE) but now just like Twitter embeds it is now open to EVERYONE. Maybe you…

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You can Now Embed Facebook Status!

Embedding posts was started by Twitter. Now, Facebook has just rolled out the same technique for you can now embed public posts. It is easy to embed Facebook posts or embed Facebook status on website. Just click the drop down option on…

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Soar Higher with SEO through Raven Tools

Raven is an all in one internet marketing platform that can boost your website performance. Ever wonder what can make your analytics, social media, content and PPC can do for your website. Raven tools will teach you why you need to know…

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