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Matt Cutts on News story

As the title says, this week is truly interesting and exciting for SEO world. Recently Matt Cutts has a new Webmaster Help Video talking about developing news story. After having his 30-day challenge of not using the Internet and e-mail, he is back with another informative video.

And below is the question being asked to Matt Cutts:

question on news stories

Since we all know that in commercial sites unique content matters, so what if you are developing a news story? Is it better to update the same page or having the same URL or create a new one when the content changes which will produce in the end a different URL?

And here’s what he have said:

PageRank accumulation

According to Matt it is better to update the information or to keep updating the same page than creating a new one. People sometimes created multiple stories without linking these stories together so that from one story it can get to another one and so you are going to lose few people through having the cracks that way. He also added what Marissa Mayer formerly have said about living topics that it is better if you do something like what Wikipedia is doing showing more richer and developed content . So it is better if you are going to add information to the same URL or it is helpful to add some Updates.

And additionally he said that there is a lot of other stuff that you can read like Google News documentation where in there are some Meta tags, you can study about tags that are available to some people and to those who aren’t available and he also suggested about using authorship wherein it is a markup that they can understand more accurately who wrote a story or a particular page. And he also suggested doing a bit of research if you have a new site.

But in the end he repeated his answer and said that if you are developing a news story it would be better to keep on a page or having one long page if it is possible.

What is interesting on what Matt have said?

It is all about PageRank, since according to him if you are going to update a news story or add additional information on a single page it can accumulate PageRank. And that is why I write this topic since it is truly interesting and only implies that PR is still an essential signal.

And another thing, recently last February 4, 2013, Google updated PageRank. You can actually this news on some forum sites like from Digital point or through Webmaster World. The last update was on November 2012 and I personally experience that update through this site. And now I experienced that update again, wherein Alseoblog changes from PR 2 to PR 3.

When you are going to analyze the logic, seems that PageRank is truly essential and needs to be consider. Even on this modern SEO, it still has a significantly value and boils down to the idea that if a website is developed having richer content or giving valuable information, your PageRank serve as status of your DEVELOPMENT which means that something has change (improves if it increases) in your website.

For the full video, you can watch it below:

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