Why Paying for Ads not for Links is Safe for Google?

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It is really good to know that Google team is doing the best in promoting quality search results by fighting against the violations commonly committed in SEO such as buying links just to gain high traffic. This development has really brought positive changes as the sites have become more efficient in providing the users with fresh and quality content .

As we are all aware of, quantity of links also matter but of course, it is not only the quantity that matters for Google because for the links to be credited, they should likewise have quality and relevance. This strict guideline has subsequently came out due to the prevalent link scheme or the unethical practice of manipulating search rankings by deceiving the search engine, and notably, there are already sites who got penalized because of such.

Nevertheless, on the other side, it is just interesting  that paid links are considered a violation to the guidelines while the ads are not. This is what Matt Cutts had just recently clarified in a webmaster video, but before discussing and analyzing his answer, here is first in what the guidelines say about paid links:

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What is the Answer of Matt Cutts for Paid Links Vs. Ads?

For Matt, whatever form of payment you have had just to acquire links from other sites is a manipulation of the search engine, and he likewise added that paying for something to get the desired result in ranking will only violate the Google’s guidelines and make the search experience worst. Definitely, his clear statement needs no further explanation for he was just like saying that if you pay for your links; you are just like paying someone to lift your site up without knowing that it would only lead to penalty.

Why Paid Ads don’t Violate the Guidelines?

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising links do not passed Page Rank to buyer of the link since they have added a rel=”nofollow” attribute to disclose your link.

Simply because the searchers are aware that they are ads; thus, they will only click those if they are interested. The answer is really so simple, yet if you try to analyze it you may even conclude that perhaps the real reason is it does not deceive the users and it is part of the business. How about the banner ads? Matt said no negative thing about it, but he noted that you should just make sure that you add a NO FOLLOW attribute on it. Yet, it is noteworthy that, according to him, paid ads can be valuable so long as you know how to use it.

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Best Lesson Learned from Matt

It is not only the number of links that matters, but also their quality and relevance that reflect your site’s identity. Thus, having good contents count a lot for you to acquire natural links out of manual effort, and not through money.

There is always an opportunity to make your optimization safe and efficient, and on how big it can be for your site is dependent on how you grab or take it. So always choose to take what can define your success rather than what can lead you to the penalty or failure of your site.

And always remember webmaster guidelines is a must to follow.

And here’s the full video:


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