Zuckerberg Filed Patent Application for Paid Profile Personalization

Want to get rid of ads in your Facebook profile? Great possibilities for that because Marc Zuckerberg, was simply brilliant when he filed patents for personalized profile. He was the inventor, along with Gokul Rajaram and Prashant Fuloria. Well, of course, you have to pay for it. The patent’s abstract states:

paid profile patent

With Patent ID US20130030987 A1, Facebook aims to provide a personalized profile wherein you can manage what you want to show up in your social media profile. It didn’t really mean Facebook alone, but all throughout the social networking sites.

This has been an example from many sites how the personalized profile can be edited and get rid of ads. This is a mock draft of a profile with no ADS.

Profile with no ads
Source:Paid Profile Personalization (US 20130030987 A1)


What you can customize?

• Customizing which friends are displayed on your Timeline.

• The right side that contains the ad can be replaced by photos, status messages, comments, and other “social networking objects”.

• Summary section that shows the “vital information.

• At your wall you can add slideshare, blog, and other sharing sites and many more just refer to the patent description.

“Paid Profile Personalization” targets maximum ad free satisfying experience and maximize revenue out of social networking system. If you would translate it, business who pays for ads that give revenue to social networking sites will be passed to users who will be using a paid profile. Both cases will be a winning situation for social media sites especially for Facebook which almost dominate social networking profiles. With Facebook’s 1.06 billion active users, it can surely raise a higher revenue out of social networkers.

Myspace has done almost the same as this when it provided many applications that can be personalized by users. However, it didn’t succeed because the profiles became painful to the eyes. For Facebook case, it will have a full control over what parts can be edited and up to what extent. It will promote a unified lay out in the profile site.

This patent application has been another attempt of Facebook in getting revenues out of direct users. Facebook wants to provide better Facebook experience yet at a cost. It is really an eye sore when ads are shown in your profile. Facebook’s seemed to be really enticing but will you spend an extra dollar out of your pocket every month? Facebook may not force anybody to convert and customize their profile, but if you can afford, you can give it a shot.

Predictive Impact To Business and SEO

Ad campaigns in Facebook helped in revenue generating of some businesses. When the “Paid Profile Personalization” application shall be used by many users, the probability of Facebook being a vital aspect of business ad campaigns will be lessened. Instead it will focus more on social media marketing wherein a manual communication or building of relationship shall be observed.

In my point of view, this step by Facebook will protect the revenue generating capacity of the social networking site but will greatly affect businesses that utilize ad campaigns through it. On the other hand, it will heighten competition in social media optimization.

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