Panda Continues its Refresh for Quality

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Yes, It’s Panda Data Refresh #22

Previously Panda Update #21 data refresh affecting 1.1% of English queries, then after 15 days, it is confirmed Panda Data Refresh #22 happened last November 21, 2012 even on SearchEngineland you can find it. Seems that Google is truly having a strong campaign to fight low-quality content. And remember if you are going to be hit by this update you will suffer great consequences you can’t be seen in Google, so it is essential to have a clear understanding about this update.

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Panda Data Refresh for Quality Content

We all know that Panda Data Refresh is running for quality content. When we say it is all about quality content it means that you need to have a unique, creative, substantive and valuable content. Rewriting others article to make it unique is worthless but why? Since it is just a content with same context, there’s no difference. Instead make it as one of your reference and you must add value to it. You have to spend some time to research in order that you will be able to post a substantive article.

Google pursue its Panda Update since we all know that their main goal is to give back relevant results to every queries making users as its top priority. Having a quality content is not just about making it more friendly to search engines but you know the best part is that you make a great user experience since you have able to answer their queries. At the same time it is very fulfilling if a user noticed the greatness of your content and be able to make your site alive through adding substantial comments or insights.

And everytime there is a Panda update we are always been directed to go to their old post about : More guidance on building high-quality sites. And below are the questions that can help in evaluating quality of a site, a page or an article and according to Google Engineers those are the questions they have asked theirselves everytime they are going to write algorithms (attempting to asses site quality). And additionally for answering those questions can make you step in the mindset of Google.

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Short Articles as Thin Content?

You can see above that there is a question asking about if the articles are short, unsubstantial, or otherwise lacking of helpful specifics? So that is why there is an issue if short are can be considered as low value. Thanks to Webpronews I found an interesting answer about the issue and I want to share it here also. According to the article we can perceived “thin” content as short articles wherein you can see it as those having longer content can rank well in Google than those with shorter ones.

And here is the fact from the article of Chris Crum wherein longer and indepth articles may favored well by Google but of course it does not mean that short articles are not valued. Chris added what John Mueller from Google said in the discussion from webmaster forum. John make it clear that Google value even short articles as long as there is a user engagement on that post or article and at the same time it it shareable. He also added that Googlebot can index even 140 characters tweet. So how much more the content that values engagement. He also added that short articles can ignite discussions and that is why comments or insights added make the page updated or adding additional information to the page.

So in the end it only shows us that still it is essential to write a content that encourage user engagement but it is also important that as a webmaster, comments must be moderated and it must have a substantial value.

what we can do

What we can do?

First thing we can do is to have a goal and that is to create a useful, informative,valuable and engaging content for the users. Then it is essential to follow the Webmaster Guidelines. It is in our hands the answer on how we can survive the updates, so if your doing great on your content, just continue it, but if you are still in old tactics focusing just on building links and does not value content creation, it is now time to change and make a name in search industry.

As a blogger and a SEO consultant I truly believe that it is essential to share a post that can give substantial information to the users and can make them realize that search industry is interesting. And with the updates, it truly spice up the search world, making it more exciting since a lot of changes is happening making us to be more competitive and seek out for the valuable ones. I always believe that it is essential not just the off-page optimization but the content that you share from your website or through developing a strategic strategy on your on-site optimization.

And always remember that content is like a food that can feed the hunger for information of every user.

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