Barracuda Panguin Tool- Trace Back Panda and Penguin Hits on Your Site

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Experienced hits from Panda or Penguin? If you did, you must have lost your ranking, traffic, and most importantly, conversion rates. Panda and Penguin updates have shifted the way online competition goes. Because of Google’s effort to clean the web to replace the SERP with quality contents, to scrape all spams and to provide user experience, some business stopped flourishing while others have even gone inactive until recovery was realized.

For the past two years, the two animals have been active in certain occasion. We can’t blame them, we can neither blame Google, because this is what the market demands. When you have experienced such hits on your account you must learn to recover and stood up against the odds of competition. Google is fair enough to give everyone a chance to recover and be visible in the SERP, again. One thing is important though, you have to follow the guidelines that they believe will help the search engine clean the World Wide Web.

There have been tools given out, some are free, some are not and some are even what Google provides. The recent one is the Barracuda Panguin. It will allow you to check at what time did the Panda or Penguin hit and how it affected your Google rankings.

Alseoblog Panguin Analysis

How this can be helpful?

If the tool was given out, you can say “it’s too late” because the site is no longer seen in the results page or have been blown away. Yet, this must be a wrong perception. If you want to recover from Panda or Penguin hits, you have to diagnose what and when you were penalized. It will allow you to recover easily because you knew what you have done wrong during those time periods. And of course, it will guide you not to do the same mistakes all over again.

Looking at the image above, referred to alseoblog, that’s my website anyway, in December 2012 Panda update shaken my rankings so. It is evident because its Google organic views dropped tremendously. I can look back and see what I have missed during those time periods. It will allow me to make some future estimate especially in terms of corrective measures. Through the Panguin tool, I can see when I have made poor contents on my site. I can trace back the contents during that time period and see how it was tagged as duplicate. It will give me ideas how Google considered duplicate contents and how it can terribly affect my site. Thus, giving me a chance to create better, fresh, unique and informative posts that will pass Google’s standards for quality contents. That will make me more vigilant in terms of creating web contents to avoid being penalized by Panda again. As they said “once is enough, twice is too much”.

Lastly, another thing you can see is how the organic visits dropped. When the traffic lost is high enough, you can conclude that it’s a major update and your sites have been affected tremendously. So, you will prioritize it in your future SEO campaigns.

In a deeper sense, I have shared to you how Panguin can help your SEO campaign and recovery method. Those are its functions in (1) diagnosing when the problem occurs and (2) how to address the issue. The latter was an implicit function that compels every ethical SEO campaigns to use.

How to use the Panguin Tool?

All you need to do is just 3 things:

  • Go to
  • Log-In to your Google Analytics Account
  • Choose the Profile you wanted to check and see in just a single view your organic traffic and the Algo Updates

The Panguin Tool is a very helpful tool for webmasters and SEO expert wanting to avoid and prevent Penguin and Panda hits that may cause dropping of ranks and traffic. It is easy to use. You just have to log in with your Google account, and select any of your analytics profiles, and you can see organic traffic and algorithm updates. It may be a post evaluation of the websites performance but it can be used for future campaigns. It can make your SEO more stable, trustworthy and far from Penguin and Panda hits.

One major drawback is its inability to function to some browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8, so you must try other browsers. Aside from that we can consider this tool timely in identifying when and what update hits and how you were affected.

Have you experience using this tool? Share your experiences below.

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