SEO Learnings After A Year of Penguin’s Coming

penguin first anniversary

Google started its journey towards scraping out duplicate, low value and auto-generated contents on the internet. After that Penguin was also employed and begins to hit the search engine results page on April 24, 2012. Wow, it’s been a year and there have been lots of changes we have adjusted to. Google is stricter, perhaps, better than ever. On its anniversary, surely, Google expects that we have learned our lesson in terms of practicing SEO. Shall we think about the quantity still, or shall we make it qualify for quality link. Shall we accept and acknowledge the notifications and email warnings or simply ignore it? We know how Google rankings can significantly push our brand or torn us a part. Google is fair we just have to be honest in the game that every website plays on.

Just like any competition, there are bases for success. In the internet, traffic and rankings are the basis for it, conversion rates will eventually follow. We are bound to follow the guidelines. Where Google set the rules, we have to live by the rules. Penguin has set its own criteria for passing a link and put value on, to be included in the Google rankings. What are these criteria? Well.

We must have learned from the following:

• Link to a Quality Site
• No keyword ranking manipulation
• No to exact match domain
• Capitalize on your brand names
• No to links scheme or link buying
• No to low quality directories
• No to Cloaking
• And other link building strategy that falls categorically under “black hat”

We also learned negative SEO and Google’s disavow tool to help us put no credits to controlled or uncontrolled unnatural links. With Penguin 2 on May 24, 2012 and Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012, Google’s aim for a cleaner internet and natural linking system has been sanctified.

During the SMX Conference Matt Cutts pre-announced the coming of a new Penguin update. As said it will be stricter and can touch broader spectrum of SEO strategy. Something we are still waiting for. However, in a larger sense, is it something we should be afraid of?

For one year of having Penguin on Google and our end, we can say that it has been consistent enough with its guideline and its main principle of creating quality links for user purposes and not for search engines alone. As we are having set of guidelines, when you are simply following it, you can never be affected by any algorithm update or refreshes.

On the other hand there are two things Matt Cutts emphasized:

• Google doesn’t want low quality experience merchants ranking on SERP

• Significant role of Social Signals

If you would notice, both come together. Why? Because when a merchant provide satisfactory services, it will be reflected through social signals where there websites will be talked about. Therefore we may expect that Google will go out of internet boundaries but also will examine how far you have been doing in your services.

Therefore, we can conclude that Google, for the next Penguin to come, will prioritize the user’s welfare in and out of the internet arena, in accordance with set rules and guidelines to compel every web owners, and SEO experts to practice ultimate Ethical SEO strategy. It will not manipulate the ranking system but SERP will provide results that deserve to be on the rank, experienced-based, factual valuable and with quality.

The impact of Penguin update is more visible than that of Panda, so before everything gets worse, perform corrective measures, practice right SEO strategy, and focus on quality and user experience. When things are done right, we have all the reasons to celebrate Penguin’s FIRST anniversary.  And also remember stricter Penguin Update is coming this April 2013 .

Thoughts? What do you think will happen for the next Penguin Update?

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