Manifesting a Persona for Effective SEO Campaign


SEO is an emerging marketing technique and it embodies same marketing principles to reach out to the right target market with sophisticated means. Persona can be defined as a role played by an actor yet in marketing it is defined as “whole personality” representing the business or organization. Personas are created to maintain focus in understanding the industry in terms of target market’s profile, demographics, lifestyle and other factors that will indicate the characteristics of a certain market segment.

In SEO, the same principle follows the same. As it evolved to be creating more than just connection but communication and relationship, an SEO campaign must embody a persona to have a strategy that will be consistent and fitted to the defined target market. Persona is important in SEO because it will set motivation and will bring out a personality in the campaign itself. It will compel a user how the business wanting to reach out, how to deal with websites, and how to react based on the given information. Without the persona, the business will lost its track and can’t continue where it is supposed to be going. It may also be marketed to the wrong people that will result to inefficiency and eventually losses.

Each business must understand their core value, offering and difference to competitors. Knowing what you are and what you are doing is essential in creating an impact to your object of promotion.

How you can do it in SEO?

Follow the strategies below.

Shape Your Identity

◦ Identity is how people will perceive and understand your business. It can be in terms of brands, product offerings, services and many more. Having a focused and fixed identity is important because it will be the center of your strategies. It will represent you in every actions you will be taking in reaching out to your potential customers.

Authorship and Content Development

◦ Web contents are important in any SEO campaign. Distributing authors that will have synchronized identity can boost credibility and reliability of the website. Effective content development will create a fictional character that will make the company associated with its target market. Contents must strike in to the behavior and buying pattern of the consumer.

Link Building

◦ Link building is not anymore about dropping links in every website, it cares more for building relationship within websites sharing relevant information that will be useful for both the web owner and the users.

Social Media

◦ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus are one of the widely used social media platforms. It served as your direct connection to your potential consumer. It must be utilized well to create engagement in any of it and will make your consumers abreast of the business’ product and promotional offerings.

Each of these strategies should embody a persona. It should reflect the character of your potential consumers and will be created as a character that will represent your business.

How can you make your persona become effective?

Take on these Action Plan.

I. Research on your Link Prospects, Segments, Contents

You must find blogs, websites, and other platforms that will allow your persona to be seen and engage with people. You can use Followerwonk and Link Prospecting Method to know where you can put your links at. After doing so the accumulated prospects should be segmented in terms of prioritizing the most valuable links. You can categorize using DA, PR, Alexa, Social Media Metrics, Subscribers and Community strength.

After that you must also look for contents that will take the interest of your potential readers. Keyword researching will also fall in these step. You have to assimilate yourself in your consumer’s perspective to understand their behavior when they are searching in the internet. Through reading other blogs and asking for advices even from your cited competitors can expand your knowledge about the niche you are in.

II. Content Development Phase

Creating contents is very crucial because it will be the voice of the website. It must be appealing to the reader and will trigger target market’s interest. In creating contents for the website it must still possess the same persona you are embodying in other SEO campaigns. There are three basic personas you can deal with: “how-to”, “I care” and “Just get it to me. These three personas should be echoed by your web contents. It should expect that the reader is someone who seeks information, looking for something they care about and unsure of what they want, respectively. Choosing the effective persona in your contents can make an impact to the whole point of having the campaign. Always consider consistency to influence buying behavior of the users.

III. Make Connections with Social media

Relationship is built through social media. However, if you can’t get through your target market it will be useless. Social media provides vast opportunity to tap on. You just have to concentrate in creating a legal pseudo character that will represent your company and will be characterized by your target market’s profile.

How you can do that?

Check on the platform of the social media you are into and fill the following:

• Name
• Job title
• Niche/expertise
• Profile Picture
• Pages

Reach out as if you are also a newly made person. You must make your compositions humanly, and interactive. Make your timelines appear natural and conducive to read further. You must aim for alliances, friends, followers and become an influencer in the niche you have targeted.

Search engine optimization is not a lame propaganda of promoting products/services. It must be associative with its target market and the niche it belongs. Every activity holds by a specific campaign should be matched to whom it is directed. Consistency, authority and reliability matter to your target market. To understand your market you have to be one of them. It will give you a holistic picture of attitudes, skills, and goals possessed by your consumers and not a mere superficial view like that of a resume.

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