Pinterest and Repinly Connection

pinterest and repinly connection

Pinterest knows no knowledge about what going slow means. Beating out other social media giants, (LinkedIn, Google+ Youtube, MySpace and Reddit) the site that allows you to create a virtual bulletin board (pinboard) and lets you collect and share all the stuffs in the web has proven its self-much in its around two years of existence.

Alexa of Pinterest

Popularity Transformation of Pinterest from 2011-2012 (

Pinterest Facts:

#1 Pinterest has more traffic referrals than LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube -(Source: Experian Marketing Services)

#2 Pinterest has more traffic referrals than LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube. (Source:

#3 80% of pinners are women. (Source: Comscore)

In the report presented by Shareaholic, it showed that Pinterest beats Yahoo! in the month of August for organic traffic of the site placing Pinterest on the top 4 slot when driving traffic is concerned.

Pinterest Stat from Shareaholic

Image Source: Shareaholic
Chart shows that Pinterest drives more traffic than Yahoo!

Pinterest Traffic Sources

Image Source: Shareaholic
Percentage breakdown share of visits in each source of traffic

As you will see the facts and statistics showed that Pinterest can truly be useful to your social media campaign for your business. Since it’s all about sharing images, videos or visuals, this site in an awesome area to promote you brand identity.  Do you have already a Pinterest account? If not this one can help you in starting out.

Terms to Remember First in Pinterest and Needs Familiarization

Pin – term used to refer an image that you get anywhere from the web or uploaded your own and place it on your own board
Board – it is the virtual bulletin board where you can place your pins. It is classified as to whatever category will it fall for easier segregation.
Repin – it is placing the pin of other pinner in your own board
Pinner – Pinterest user
Like – alternative way of repin is like; a pin is not placed in your board but shared on your profile
Follow – provides you two options; one is to follow a specific board and the other is to follow all the board of a Pinner.
Mention – like in Twitter, you can also mention Pinners using the @ sign followed by his username
Comment – when you comment on a pin, it is similar to when you like a pin; it is posted on your profile’s archive under the list of your like .

Then, next I wanted to share an interesting site that can help you easily discover popular post in Pinterest. If Twitter has twellow, wellow, and many more, for Pinterest it has an interesting directory that can show popular pins, boards and statistics  about Pinterest users and activity. And this is the connection of Repinly to Pinterest.

pinterest and repinly

What’s about Repinly?

Rapid transformation of Pinterest has called the attention of developers to have third party sites for it and the latest is Repinly. It serves similar to a directory where you can find must follow pinners, boards and pins. Repinly serves as a summary of the facts happening in Pinterest.


 Plus, Pinterest VideosPinterest Videos

In Pinterest Stats from Repinly, you can find here the updated summary of all the demographics you need to know like:

#1  Most popular categories at the moment break down on what are the popular pins and popular boards.
The popular pinners’ average activities
Displays the top pinners
The Popular activity on each category
How pinners spend time on Pinterest

Pinterest Stat from Repinly
Importance of Every Repin

Repinly has summarizes the most popular boards and pins and of this is one factor to tell how many repin a pin has. It seems to be so important that people should know all about this thing.

#1 Repin is good for business and entrepreneur.
#2 New connection can be made for every repin.
#3 One repin is the root of more repins.
#4 Repin helps SEO through back linking.

Importance of Repinly

#1 Pinners can promote their accounts and connect faster with other Pinners when they submit their selves to the directory.
#2 The opportunity for extra advantage for more brand and product promotion in Pinterest.
#3 What is hot and trending on Pinterest can help business owners to understand their customers better.

Except for the traffic that Pinterest can give you, there are still many reasons why you should place Pinterest in your social media arsenal. People love images. How much more when it is neatly sorted on a board where you can get to discover what you have not? It’s a plus factor also in creating brand identity that can be achieve through repetition and imagery.

All you need to do to discover the connection of Pinterest and Repinly is through joining.

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